Monday, January 3, 2011

here. still.

Hi there. It's me. Shannon. The girl who used to love to come on here and write, the girl who would carve out a little bit of time in the day to hop on over to the bliggity blog and let go. 

I still love to write. I can still squeeze some time in. I still have my fingers for the typing. I am here. Still.

But we have been so swept away with the season and trying to prepare our family (and home) for my husband's departure that blogging- and pretty much everything else short of survival- had been cast to the wayside.

Until now.

Jeremiah left yesterday for 7 months. I feel a little stunned, a lot sad, and sorta nauseous. I know we'll be fine. We've done this before and we obviously managed to survive. But I like living my life with my husband. I like looking at his face. I like feeling his hand in mine. I like waking to a kiss and seeing his cute flight-suit clad self smiling at me. I love it when he tries to get serious with me but eventually succumbs to laughter. I love him home. With me and the kids. Seven months is just so dang longgggggggg. It really, really is. 

But enough of that for now or I will type myself into tears again. (Also, if y'all have any extra prayers laying around, my family and I would really appreciate them.) I'll save the boo hoo post for another day-- get EXCITED!! ;)

For now, I just wanted to say hello. And share some pictures. So, HELLO! And now....

I made 58 of these little guys after seeing a post over at The Idea Room.

Can you find my sweet daughter's face?

Teacher gifts.

Got the idea for this from Crazy Christmas Crafters series HERE! I just pained a little flower pot with some chalkboard paint so the kids could write their own messages to their teachers.

The white chocolate dipper pretzel sticks were ridiculously good. Once my husband had a few, I had to make a big batch for the Aircrew shop, too.

I am going to recycle the chalkboard painted flower pot idea again because the kids had so much fun with it.

Jeremiah making meatballs while I put dishes away, and Evie adoring her bigger brother.

Staring at a pretty sweet reflection.

She is 6 months old now!

Dinosaur exhibit at the Museum of Science and History.


Feeding the reindeer....we asked the lit ones on the lawn to not eat all the food.

Admiring Miss Brenda's lights.

Barbie is apparently very exciting.

And dinosaurs. But we already knew that.

Trying to figure out what all the excitement is about.

Countdown to BLISS : 221 days


Jessica said...

Thanks to your hubby for helping protect me and my family. And a special thanks to you too, for giving just as much to protect us! Sending prayers your way! God bless!

Virginia (Jenny) said...

OHhh, that would be SO Hard. I even saw your countdown at the bottom of the page. My heart is sad with you. My husband is my best friend. I will pray for your sweet family.

It is nice to "meet you"!


Amy {The Idea Room} said...

I really appreciate the sacrifice families in the military make! Hope all goes well, seven months is a long time! You are amazing! Thanks so much for letting me know about the cute snowmen you made. You did a ton and they turned out so cute! Such a great idea to wrap them up like that as a gift!


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