Saturday, January 8, 2011



... I am going to Target to finish up Jeremiah's birthday care package.

... I am making PW's meatballs that make all other meatballs quiver in their wake. These suckers are GOOD!!

... I feel rested despite having only gotten a combined 5 hours and 45 minutes of sleep. Is there such thing as a sleep mirage? I has it. I has it good.

... Evie screamed at me because I was not getting the spoon to her mouth quick enough. (these pictures are from yesterday, but same thing happened then, so I thought they'd be a good visual. Also, she thinks squash is hysterical. What vegetable do you find funniest?)

give it to me!

man, this squash is some funny stuff. 

put your phone down and get me some squash. do it!

... I realized that the only pictures I have posted lately have been taken with my cell phone. I'm such a lazy picture capturer. 

... I am thankful for amazon's subscribe and save deal. Thanks to Dabni, I combined that with the Amazon Mom dealio and save 30% off of diapers. If that wasn't enough to have me singing their praises, they are delivered to my front door, like clockwork. (Which is interesting because I am not sure I know how a clock also, today, I will be googling 'how does a clock work.')

... I remembered that Jack is allergic to a particular fruit JUST IN TIME. I had gotten a mixed fruit bowl from Publix yesterday because Kaiti said it looked yummy, and this morning Jack was reaching for the one thing that he is completely allergic to (melons).

... I am hoping a someone shows me a random act of kindness and rubs my back. A stranger, a neighbor, a paint salesman- I don't care. I just want someone to rub my back.  I need some firm pressure & kneading in the shoulders and neck area. I might even ask someone ion Target to help me out.. Or is that weird?

... Kaiti asked if she could have some crackers and pretzels for breakfast. At 6 am. From my warm, comfy bed, I said 'knock yourself out.'

... I am going to have a dance party in my living room. Tyler has requested Usher's "Tonight the DJ goddess falls in the love" otherwise known as "Tonight, the DJ got us fallin in love". I love it when he mixes things up.

... I am giving the ponytail a day off.

... I woke up to an email from my husband that was only 4 words but made my heart heavy and full at the same time. "I miss you babe." Me, too,, too! (And I am still staring at this picture from the ship's facebook page and swooning!)

image courtesy of the USS Bainbridge Facebook page

... is Saturday.....

Tomorrow is Sunday...

... which means our FIRST WEEK will be over. Nothing more satisfying than checking a week off and being a little closer to my husband's arms again!

Happy Saturday friends!


Countdown to Bliss: 216 days

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