Tuesday, January 18, 2011

WHO is Brian?!?!?!

As I was driving home from the commissary tonight, I heard my phone start dinging, like it does when I get an email.

Once I got to a red light, I picked it up and saw that I had a few emails from my husband. He gets on the computer about once a day to email and I was really not wanting to miss him. One of the benefits of my smartphone is knowing when he is on and dropping everything to chat with him for a few. (there is usually a line so he tries not to be an email hog.) Not wanting him to get off the computer without chatting with him, I emailed him to tell him to hang on, I'd be home in a just a few because I was about to get on the bridge.

At least, that was what I intended to email.

What I actually sent was this......

Thank you, auto-correct, for creating a spike in my husbands heart rate!

Not the best email to send to your deployed husband!

Happy Monday Tuesday!

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