Friday, August 23, 2019

love of Quilt Love

I don't have much to say, but wanted to share this quilt because it reflects my attitude towards modern and vintage. Which is, I love it when they meet and create their own aesthetic.

I love the look of quilts that look to be pieced together sort of haphazardly, either with a scrappy feel or not in a block style, so this one really suits me. 

Which leads me to share....the one quilting book that influenced my style more than anything else is the book Quilt Love by Cassandra Ellis. This is the book I turn back to again and again, not really to get patterns from, more to remind me of what I love, and also to remind me that quilts can be whatever I want them to be. 

I guess it turns out I do have a lot to say. haha. I will try and make this brief, but as wonderful as social media is, it sometimes makes me feel sort of 'less than' because I don't make these perfectly precise and intricate blocks. I have to remind myself that maybe I could, but I do not enjoy making those types of quilts, so it is more a preference in enjoyment rather than ability. Sounds silly, I know, but I tend to get in my head too much and try to pinpoint things. Cassandra Ellis' books remind me of the beauty that comes from piecing and creating against the grain. 

This quilt includes my new favorite low volume print, which I got from my friend Jennifer's shop Crimson Confection.

This quilt is in my shop here.

This binding choice is also a new favorite. I have used twice since completing this quilt.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

blocker's block

I tried to think of something catchy for the title of this post, but clearly I have failed. So forgive that please.

I have mentioned before how I feel compelled to define what type of quilter I am - no idea why, probably some personality quirk that I like to characterize or compartmentalize because I constantly have 9 thousand ideas jumping in my brain that I desperately want to streamline and narrow down a focus. Anyways. This quest of mine -lol, there is no quest, I just made it dramatic for no reason at all- has finally concluded because I have determined my style.

And my style is NOT BLOCKY.

Ha. Hilarious that I am so content with that realization, because truly, that really is enough to remind myself what is for me, but more importantly, what is NOT for me.

So, if it involves blocks, I am probably going to pass. The exception to this only is big blocks or wonky blocks. But other than that, my favorite quilts are not blocky.

Like this one I just made. I grabbed a fabric and built both the color palette and the fabric selection around the Nani Iro fabric. Additionally, I built the design around the pieces I cut. And I am really happy with how it came out.

That double gauze cotton creates the most glorious crinkle.

This quilt is available in my shop here.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Queen Bee for The Blue Bee!

Like the pink bee, I had trouble honing in on a block for the blue bee. I wanted a churn dash, I wanted patchwork, I thought about stars, but when it all came down to it, I was going back and forth between a log cabin or courthouse steps block. At the same time I was deciding, Karen Lewis was posting her amazing little courthouse steps blocks and I figured it a sign.

So I set to work deciding on measurements and layouts. I already had my color palette chosen from the moment I said yes to the bee. You can me color inspiration pictures I sent my bee mates below. 

I wanted a milky blue, set against a low volume ranging from white to creamy white to any colored linen.

Now I just need this to be my rug and table.

That color is the most dreamy tone of blue I have ever seen.

I drew up a design for the girls, as I wanted half to make one orientation (horizontal) and half to make the other (vertical). I chose my foundation square (the center piece) to be a milky shade of pink, in homage to how I came to the blue quilt way of the pink quilt bee :)

Here is a shot of my first two blocks with my fabric pull.

Can I just tell you, I am going to LOVE this quilt. 

Here is a look at some of the blocks I have received so far, along with the goodies my bee mates have spoiled me with!!!

This blue bee is just incredible!!!!! That basket! Look at the inside tag! And checkout the tag Jennifer sewed to the back!

The tag says "you better use this" and I totally am! It is currently holding my Sarah Jane fabric!

Also, please note that I have thread in my hair. Always. 


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