Tuesday, January 25, 2011

outta the mouths of mamas

"Who keeps putting sticks of butter in Daddy's care package? Why? Honey, if he wants to eat a potato, they have butter on the ship. I am pretty sure."

"Please stop using the little broom to brush your sisters hair. Thanks."

"Why is he crying? WHAT?!?! Let me handle the discipline. Because shutting him in the garage with the lights off is mean.....and I don't think it works because I tried it on you guys." (hehhehheh) 

"Stop laughing at him when he says that. Because it's embarrassing that he walks around the grocery store saying 'Scuse me, I farted.' And he is only saying it because you are laughing."

"Please stop talking like a robot. And walking like one. It's creeping me out. Thank you."

"That's a nice thought, honey, but band-aids aren't really something you give as a gift."

"Just give me the peanut butter and the hammer and I will stop chasing you."

"Honey, you can't invite random people you meet over to our house for breakfast. Well, that's nice that she likes little pancakes, but I don't know who that girl is, so I am not making her any." 

"Um, yes, I believe in the moon. Well, for starters, it's right there. See. That's the moon. So, yes, I believe in it."

"I don't get why you are laughing. What you are eating is really part of a real chicken. Seriously. I am not kidding."

"Why are you outside naked? And you don't EVEN HAVE SHOES ON??!?!"

"I don't really think it would be funny if my name was Mordecai. But obviously, you do."

"Stop sticking your meatball in her face. When she leans back and is violently pushing away, that means she does not want it."

"Woo HOOOO!!! Found the missing tater tots from 5 days ago!!!"

"Underwear goes UNDER the shorts honey. "

"What is he eating? Chips??? I didn't bring any chips, where'd he get them? Uh, if you see him picking random food off the ground, could you please bring it to my attention."

....and here are some pictures my husband sent me from his last port in Palermo, Sicily. And the last one is a picture of Little Miss Evie and evidence of our twice-sometimes-thrice-a-night feedings. Yawn. 

*Oh, and if anyone knows of a good countdown tracker widget thing-a-ma-jig, please let me know. Trying to keep our little countdown at the bottom of every post, but I am lazy about whipping out a calendar and counting backwards to 20. I'm seeking help for that. This is it. Help, please :) 
--------Thank you KELSIE, for telling me where to get the countdown widget thing-a-ma-jig (that IS the official name of it)


Countdown to Bliss: 199 Days (yipppeeeee!!!! less than 200!!!!)

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