About Me

Hi! I am Shannon. Wife to an amazing (and super cute) man, and mom to 5 of the most amazing little people on the planet. I used to be a writer for a newspaper, but it turns out, raising kids while having a husband frequently gone on deployment is pretty time consuming. So I stopped getting paid to write and now write here just because it feels good. 

About me..... I have mad love for the clouds, the sky, and sunshine. I'm on the SUMMER FOREVER team. I love the beach and the ocean, and I love to swim in the waves. I love flavored coffee (and lots of it), all shades of blue, secondary colors, Bob Marley, starbucks drive thrus, road trips, and camping in our travel trailer. I never leave the house without showering and getting ready. Ever. I am a Navy wife and love this community of military friends that has become my family. I drink too much diet coke, stay up way too late,  and don't really watch TV, unless I'm watching movies on Hulu or Netflix. I like to read, but I go through phases of obsession and then nothing. I have perpetual baby fever, but am realizing how awesome it is to be a mom of young teenagers. I am obsessed with fabric. Which is it what fuels my love of quilting. I love to take something and make that one piece into something different. And I super duper love the idea of creating something that becomes intertwined with a person's, a family's story. Quilts are a form of art that is both functional and lovely to look at and I still find it incredible that you can use something for warmth and comfort that is handmade, one of a kind, and such an expression of creativity. I also love to sew small things....mini quilts, pouches, bags, mug rugs, pillow covers! I love to create quilts but often need the instant gratification that a small project provides. 

Oh, and I am crazy about my husband. 

And if that doesn't it do for you, maybe these posts will......
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