About Me

Hi! I am Shannon. Wife to an amazing (and super cute) man, and mom to 5 of the most amazing little people on the planet. I used to be a writer for a newspaper, but it turns out, raising kids while having a husband frequently gone on deployment is pretty time consuming. So I stopped getting paid to write and now write here just because it feels good. 

About me..... I have mad love for the clouds, the sky, and sunshine. I'm on the SUMMER FOREVER team. I love the beach and the ocean, and I love to swim in the waves. I love flavored coffee (and lots of it), all shades of blue, road trips, and camping in our travel trailer. Music is my favorite and we rock out to all kinds, from reggae to hip hop, country to motown.  We have 15 chickens and I love them all, except Wayne the rooster. I love all shades of blue, but sky blue is my favorite. I love the color pink, too. I never leave the house without showering and getting ready. Ever. I am a Navy wife and love this community that has become my family. I drink too much diet coke, stay up way too late,  and don't really watch TV, unless I'm watching movies on Hulu or Netflix. I like to read, but I go through phases of it. I have perpetual baby fever, but am realizing how awesome it is to be a mom of young teenagers. So fun! I am obsessed with fabric. Which is it what fuels my love of quilting. I love to take something and make into something different. And I super duper love the idea of creating something that becomes intertwined with a person's, a family's story. Quilts are a form of art that is both functional and lovely to look at and I still find it incredible that you can use something for warmth and comfort that is handmade, one of a kind, and such an expression of creativity.

Oh, and I am crazy about my husband. 

And if that doesn't it do for you, maybe these posts will......
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