Friday, August 23, 2019

love of Quilt Love

I don't have much to say, but wanted to share this quilt because it reflects my attitude towards modern and vintage. Which is, I love it when they meet and create their own aesthetic.

I love the look of quilts that look to be pieced together sort of haphazardly, either with a scrappy feel or not in a block style, so this one really suits me. 

Which leads me to share....the one quilting book that influenced my style more than anything else is the book Quilt Love by Cassandra Ellis. This is the book I turn back to again and again, not really to get patterns from, more to remind me of what I love, and also to remind me that quilts can be whatever I want them to be. 

I guess it turns out I do have a lot to say. haha. I will try and make this brief, but as wonderful as social media is, it sometimes makes me feel sort of 'less than' because I don't make these perfectly precise and intricate blocks. I have to remind myself that maybe I could, but I do not enjoy making those types of quilts, so it is more a preference in enjoyment rather than ability. Sounds silly, I know, but I tend to get in my head too much and try to pinpoint things. Cassandra Ellis' books remind me of the beauty that comes from piecing and creating against the grain. 

This quilt includes my new favorite low volume print, which I got from my friend Jennifer's shop Crimson Confection.

This quilt is in my shop here.

This binding choice is also a new favorite. I have used twice since completing this quilt.

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