Saturday, January 29, 2011

what's going on.

Today is my husband's birthday!

I realize this is a picture of Jack's 1st birthday, I just think my husband looks really cute here

so you get it now? dang it, he is cute. gosh, what's my countdown at again? crud.

and he's even hotter taking care of our babies!!!

Jeremiah is celebrating his leap into 35 somewhere in the Med on a big steel ship surrounded by sea and sailors. (I just fulfilled my alliteration quota for the month.) I made a video of the kids singing to him and felt cheery while we made it, and now I just feel kind of blah.

And speaking of blah, check out the Valentine's Day card my daughter made below. We went to an FRG (family readiness group- I think) meeting this past Monday, and after the meeting we made cards for all the deployed sailors-- which happens to be a huge chunk of the squadron. Well, we only had 3 cards for my husband's det, and there are 20 sailors, so I said I'd make the rest at home. The kids made some, too, and every single card Kaiti made had me laughing.

I guess Valentine's Day isn't really her thing

I made some on my own, and then went to a friends house last night and finished up the rest. My friend (she is remaining anonymous) pulled out her scrapbook stuff, markers, glue, and construction paper and we went to town. After about the 5th card, I probably was not the most appropriate choice to make these cards. Not many people get my humor. Like that stops me, though......

I'm going to post more pictures of these soon, for no other reason than to have virtual memory of them. Get excited.

I made Evie a headband this week. Actually, I made her three. Then I sent some photos of her wearing them to my husband. His response "She is beautiful. Not the headband, though." Uh, homeboy, I MADE that headband! (I will admit, though, that it was a little big for my liking.) A couple friends asked me about it so I might share how I did that soon. If my children all simultaneously nap. I dream.

Tyler made a lego ship. He is very proud of his lego creations that he makes all by himself....even the smaller ones. 

I really need to start using my actual camera

My friend sweet friend Ellie sent me a care package!!! After chatting on the phone Sunday night she decided to spoil me with things she thought would help me out! I am so grateful for such amazing friends. And I think I am going to be even more grateful for this book she hooked me up with!

That's my girl. Going right for the 'ring pop', which has done her teething gums good!

Um, yes, that is a S'MORES maker! Oh, sweet goodness, thank you Ellie.
And since I mentioned Ellie, I thought I'd share with you.....her adorable baby boy that I asked everyone to pray for? He is doing so well!!!!! His heart issues will likely always be with him and will need serious watching, but today he is HEALTHY and GROWING and making his sweet mama's heart burst with love! Thank you for praying for this family, friends! Here is that sweet boy now. 

Ellie asked me to thank you all for the prayers!!!

Another wonderful friend of mine, Billie Jo, messaged me today to tell me about how one of her friends needs prayers. I know the girl she asked me to pray for, and I will certainly be lifting her up. While we were chatting Billie Jo said something that to me is the difference between a casual friendship and a true, deep-rooted one. She said that this friend needs people to help her out, and that friends keep offering, but a real friend would just show up. How true is that? I know that in times when I have struggled, my real friends- they just show up. Sometimes physically, and sometimes in other ways. Like when I was in the hospital with Kaiti and Jeremiah was deployed, Billie Jo and Carrie just showed up. When I was struggling with Jeremiah's latest departure and a big mess of tears, Ellie called and told me to pick a date to come down to Longboat or to North Carolina. Or, when I am sad and feeling spent, a call or a text message or an email arrives, from Kacie, or Kristen, or Lauren, and I feel renewed. Or I am just feeling alone and new friends I've made remind me that I am absolutely not. So thankful. Everyone deserves friends who come without being asked.

To all the ladies in my life who just show up, I love you all to bits!!! 

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