Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Stupendous Son!

he's just thrilled.....really!

our little evie girl

My appointment this morning went wonderfully. They wanted to check on some things they have noted in the pregnancy and make sure all was well.

And Little Miss Evie did not disappoint. She did seem annoyed that we were disrupting her sleep, though, and told me so with some powerful kicks and jabs. We had to do some of the tests several times because she would kick or roll before we could get good numbers.

So, here is our lovely daughter at about 34 weeks.

cord on her mouth and under her nose, right arm and hand on forehead

sleeping, this is the left side of her face if that helps

sweet baby girl, I cannot wait to hold you

back to the regular old images, but still breathtaking!

cannot believe I've been blessed with 4 children!

We saw her practice her breathing, move and roll, open and close eyes, stick her fingers in her mouth. The tech said she looked great and said she understood the pressure I told her about because she is very low and hanging out in the 'ready position'.

They are estimating her weight to be 5+ pounds, and all of her measurements are putting her about 2 weeks ahead of schedule. The doctor said that although things looked great, they would still like to watch us, to be safe- just a precaution, I'm sure, because this little girl is looking amazing!

I go back tomorrow morning- kind of annoying, but the bright side is they will probably schedule a date for me. 

Okay, I'm beat tired and in need of some rest-- this afternoon we are going to the school to see Tyler receive his student of the month award-- he is the Stupendous Student for the month of May!! Yea, Tyler!!!!! I am, without a doubt, one proud mama!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

oh, youtube

Tyler wanted to see some of the old videos we had, and I found this gem on youtube. This was taken last summer when the guys were in Iraq. Carrie and I took the kids to the beach on base, and went to McDonald's to get something to eat. Apparently, the Clay Aiken music playing in McD's inspired the kids to get up and shake their groove things!

Friday, May 21, 2010

These Are My People

These are my people

This is where I come from

Were givin' this life everything we got and then some

It ain't always pretty

but it's real

It's the way we were made

Wouldn't have it any other way

These Are My People

We fall Down and We get up

We walk proud and We talk tough

We got heart and We got nerve

Even If we are a bit disturbed

Woo Come on

These are my people

This is where I come from

Were givin' this life everything we got and then some

It ain't always pretty

but it's real

Its the way we were made

Wouldn't have it any other way

Ah naw

These Are My People

Yeah woo

The creature from the deep

We've been busy bees in the Nelson home!

Today, Tyler had his first book parade. Each student was invited to dress up as their favorite storybook character and wear the costume to school today to march in their parade.

We have a bunch of Star Wars costumes Tyler could have chosen from. But, rather than make it easy on me, he insisted on dressing up as a character from Lego Atlantis (a story line that follows Lego people underwater in a quest for a treasure- I think). 

The catch-- there is not a book (that I am aware of)-- it is something he read about in his Lego Magazine. (if your kids do not already get this, go sign up- it's free and both Tyler and Kaiti LOVE it!)

So, he decided to write his own book based on what he read in the magazine. The book is 6 whole chapters.....the chapters are only 2 pages, but still :) I am super proud because the story totally had a plot and followed it-- he did great, even with the illustrations!

He wanted to design a costume based on his character from the book- and who am I to stifle that kind of creativity? I posted a discussion here asking for costume help, but to no avail. Luckily, my sister, Annette, and Sherri offered some tips. But because my son was so determined to make this all his own, we didn't end up using their ideas- thanks again, though, ladies!

So, after a trip to Michael's, the Dollar General, and Winn Dixie, we were all set. And this, my friends, is what he created!!!!

before we attached the arms and applied the shells and fish. I think our dog Trouble approved.

pardon the haze....it was super muggy this morning and my lens steamed up. he also is not wearing his goggles here, but he packed them in his backpack :)

the balloons were his 'air tanks'.... there were shells on top of the easter basket grass  seaweed helmet, but they kept falling off and all the spray adhesive in the world would not make them stick.

you should have seen the looks we got as I walked him in to school. oh, and his sleeves were made out of kitchen drawer liners, in case you were wondering :)

All I can say is MAN, I LOVE THIS KID!!!!!!!!

mouths of babes.....

Out of the mouth's of my sweet, adorable babes!

Kaiti: How does Jack chew if he doesn't have any teeth?
Me: What? He has teeth- a whole mouth full of them. See?
Kaiti: Oh. YEA! (jumping & clapping). Tyler come look, Jack just got 10 teef!
Me: Um, Kaiti, he's had teeth for about 9 months. This didn't just happen.
Kaiti: Really? Wow. I'm so busy with work, I didn't even notice. We shoulda had a party.

-on a stormy morning-
Tyler: If the power goes out at school, will you come and get me?
Me: Umm, I guess. Why, have you lost power at school before?
Tyler: Yep, a couple times. And they tell us to wait for our 'mergency machines to come on and give us light again, but one time they didn't.
Me: Wow- I never thought about what happens when you lose power at school. What did you guys do when the emergency generators didn't kick on.
Tyler: Well, some of the kids in my class got crazy, and then my teachers looked upset. I think they're really afraid of the dark.

Kaiti: Mom, how come you walk funny on some of the days?
Me: Because I have a baby in my belly, and carrying this little girl around and chasing your little brother can be tough on my body.
Kaiti: So she kicks and she hurts you? Just push her out then if she is making your body hurt. 
Me: She's not doing it to be mean, Kaiti. I better keep her in until she is ready to be born.
Kaiti: Okay, but when she does come out, you might want to put her in time out. Jack, too. They need to learn that you don't hurt the mommy.

-Playing Family Feud and the question is: 'Name a job someone takes to be a hero'
Me: (thinking out loud) hmmmm...what about a fireman?
Tyler: No, it's a bagger. A bagger at a grocery store, mom, put that!

-Still playing Family Feud, the next question is: 'A memorable night in a teenager's life'
Me: Probably Prom. Or Graduation,
Tyler: No, that's not it. Say Friday night mom! Friday night.....TRUST ME!

Me: Kaiti, can you come here.
Kaiti: What you said?
Me: Come here please, honey.
Kaiti: What, Mommy? I was singing a song that I really liked!!
Me: Did I just hear you put Jack in timeout?
Kaiti: Yes, he was interrupting my singing.
Me: Okay, but you need to let mommy and daddy take care of the discipline. And interrupting your singing is not something I would punish him for.
Kaiti: But, Mommy, he was interrupting 'cause he was throwing legos at me and I didn't like it. I said 'I don't like that Jack,' but he didn't care.
Me: Oh. That isn't nice, and that is something I would discipline him for.
Kaiti: I know, that's why I helped you.....and now you're interrupting my singing. I need to go.

-In Wal Geens w/ Kaiti and Jack
Kaiti: Mom, Jack's pulling my hair.
Me: Tell him to stop.
Kaiti: Jack, stop pulling my hair. Stop pulling my hair or we'll leave the store of mustard and diet coke.

-Still at Wal Greens
Kaiti: Jack stop grabbing at that dick.
Me: WHAT???? (turning quickly to my son)
Kaiti: Jack is trying to pull that dick of cards off the rack Mama.
Me: DECK. That's called a DECK of cards honey. 

Monday, May 17, 2010

Not ME!! Monday

It's Monday! Time to purge all the events of the past week, and wrap them up in a fictitious bow! Funny things happen in the everyday course of life, and it seems the more I try and organize, plan, and do things, the more things go the NOT ME! way.

It was a beautiful day on Saturday, so we packed up our stuff, grabbed the kids and headed to the beach. I couldn't wait to get in the water, so I walked with Tyler into the waves as he was trying to position his boogie board just right. He called my name, and I turned towards him, watched him ride out the wave he was on, then turned back around.....just in time to get smacked by a pretty big wave. I did NOT tumble around, feel the sand rub my legs raw, and at one point feel my feet break the surface of the water. I finally got to my feet, stung from the removal of the top layer of skin from my thighs, as I tried to figure out where I was, and if my son was still on his feet. He was still standing, of course, and was in hysterics laughing at me. 'Wow, Mom, that wave knocked you and it was so funny.' As I am squinting from the brightness, it dawned on me......my sunglasses. I felt my face, my head, frantically searching for my not-so-inexpensive sunglasses. I did NOT shout to my husband, who was sitting in the sand, 'Hey, if you happen to see some sunglasses wash up, GRAB EM!!!' I should have asked him to also be on the lookout for the skin that was now removed from my legs.

On Sunday we headed to the base pool for some more fun in the sun. We were all set- the kids lathered in sun screen, towels packed, and a clean change of clothes to put on when we were done swimming. We jumped in the pool, anxious to get some relief from the heat. After about 45 minutes in the water, my husband yells out 'Babe!! Come here!' I swim over to him, thinking he's going to show me some cool new trick one of the boys learned,  as he fishes his Blackberry out of his pocket. My husband did NOT jump into the water with his cell phone in his pocket!!!

Later that day, as we were preparing to leave, Kaiti and I went into the girl's bathrooms, to shower the chlorine off and get dressed. We had errands to run and didn't want to walk around smelling like pool. I got Kaiti showered and dressed, and jumped in, prepared to take a quick one so we could head out. Just as I was washing my hair, I hear the bathroom fill up with people-- apparently everyone had enough pool at the same time. So, I'm trying to get the shampoo out of my hair when I heard a crash. My sweet daughter did NOT decide to come and pull on the shower curtain to tell me to hurry, and end up pulling the curtain down. There I stood, shampoo washing down my face, with about 5 women staring at me and my bulging pregnant belly. NICE!

We have NOT started calling Jack Jack 'Dennis', affectionately dubbed after Dennis The Menace. This child, who likes to color on walls, thinks it funny to put small objects in the toilet, pour buckets of water OUT of the tub, and remove everything from the pantry and refrigerator, definitely keeps his mama busy! When he decided to start wearing Tyler's batting helmet around the house, we all thought it was a great idea!

I work from home the majority of the time, but spend one day a week in my boss's home office. She is very flexible with my schedule, thank goodness, but when I commit to a time, I strive to be there as promised. So, last week, I told her I would be there at 3:30, and at 3:40 I was hustling to get in the car with all of my stuff. Jeremiah was dropping me off, and he hates me being late, so he is frantically hurrying me along. Just as we get in the car, I did NOT say, 'We need to stop at Winn Dixie first, because I need pineapple.' My husband turns to me, looking pretty incredulous, and says 'You're kidding, right? You're already late, and you want to stop and get a pineapple?' Annoyed that I am having to repeat myself, I did NOT say 'Yes, I need a pineapple. BAD. I know I am late, but THE BABY really needs the pineapple, so please, go to Winn Dixie.' I did NOT show up to work, pineapple in hand, 25 minutes late, but pleased as punch that I got my fruit!

Finally, after picking up Tyler from school one afternoon last week, the kids were unusually hyper, running around acting like wild things! The inevitable happened- Tyler and Jack came around the corner at the same time, at full speed and crashed into each other. I went to see if both were okay, give boo boo kisses and hugs, but also deliver my 'You have to be careful' speech. Just as I was wrapping up my very deep, well-versed speech, I did NOT turn around to slip on a dryer sheet laying on the floor, feel my feet go out from under me, knock Kaiti over on my way down, and proceed to spill the very full glass of water and ice I had in my hand. Not missing a beat, my sharp 6-year-old piped up 'Mom, YOU really need to be careful and watch where you are going cause you coulda really hurt someone!' OH NO HE DIDN'T!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

life's little lessons

I have learned some things this week. Some I have known for quite a while, just needed a little reminder. And others were brand new epiphanies, but things I will probably have to learn again and again.

Driving Kaiti home from school, she said said her tummy was not full and asked if she could finish the rest of her lunch in the car. A lot of moms would scoff at the idea of eating in the car, but I do not. We are in it often, and as many times as we have tried, it remains an impossible objective to restrict eating to tables, as much as we are in and out. Anyway, I told her she could eat, and I heard the telltale sound of her lunchbox unzipping, and Kaiti munching. Within seconds I felt my chin tremble and a wave of heat rising with force up the back of my throat. At the same time as that wave was hitting me, my nose was filled with the putrid smell of artifically flavored cheese chips. Windows all up because of the rain, the putrid, pungent odor of Doritos filled the car. I CANNOT stand that smell, and it has bothered me since I was a kid. But the instataneous nausea that accompanied the smell was new-- a pregnancy thing, no doubt. I rolled my window down and stuck my head out the window, like an excited dog, and yelled 'Kaiti, please do me a favor and zip those chips back in your lunchbox quickly.' She must have sensed my queasiness, because she obeyed at once. Doritos : NOT for everybody!

Lesson learned: when your children ask you if they can have a snack in the car, make sure you know what kind of snack they are referring to.

I tend to be forgetful, and pregnancy only makes it worse. I don't know if I can blame it on the incessant multi-tasking, or if my brain was just not created to hold on to the little things. It's funny, really, because I can remember the exact outfit I wore and how I had my hair the day I moved into my college dorm. But the time of my OB appt on Wednesday- I could remember! I wrote it down on a piece of paper, but lost that, too. In the past two weeks, I've lost my cell phone 4 times (to the point that I had my boss searching her office), my glasses twice, and my debit card for nearly a week. I rationalize my absentmindedness to my husband by saying, 'Hey, we still have all 3 children, right?' I don't think that comment did much to ease the bother of yet another wild goose chase, though.

Lesson learned: Buy that beeper-thing-a-ma-jig (like the one from Along Came Polly) the next time I see the infomercial and attach an alarm thinige to every small thing I cannot live without, including small humans.

Friday, May 14, 2010

take me out to the ball game!

T-ball season is over, and honestly, it's more bitter than sweet. I loved watching my son play. He improved so much this season and really started enjoying the game!

Spending Saturday morning's rooting for the home team is just what I was made for. I'm gonna miss my big guy (and my husband, actually) in his uniform.

Until next season, I'll have these pictures to adore!

ugly green bag

After 9 months of blissful togetherness, it is that time again. And can I just tell you........it completely SUCKS! 

I miss him already and he doesn't leave until tomorrow morning. This never gets easier. 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Emailing a Text

My boss recently asked me to work on a little project (and by little, I mean little). She had heard that you can now email a person a text message. So if you are at your computer but want to get a message to a person's cell phone, you don't need to try and text from your phone...you can email from your computer.

She asked me the information for each major cell carrier and send it to her. It was simple, really. 

Anyway, I thought I'd share it here because it has already come in handy many times since I worked on this last week.

Here they are- where it says cell number, you just enter the area code + cell number, but no 1. So, if I was wanting to send a text to a t-mobile customer, I would email 9045555512@tmomail.net

these are a few of my favorite things

I love that I have a child who laughs when he falls.

I love that my husband touches my face and kisses me before he leaves for work every morning.

I love that my daughter remains grateful for even the smallest of things......like getting to meet her daddy for lunch.

I love the way my oldest looks out for his younger brother and runs to hug him every morning when he wakes.

I love how my littlest niece sings 'You've Got A Friend' by Biz Markie.

I love that we live in a world where Gilbert Godfried can be a spokesperson for a product.

I love that I have friends that I never have to guess with, that love me enough to be real with me.

I love how my mom kept joy and happiness simple. 

I love that we live minutes from the beach and get to enjoy it 10 months of the year.

I love this time of year, when the sky is a bright and beautiful blue, my magnolia tree is flowering, and the world smells like fresh blossoms!

I love Dulce de Leche ice cream, Frederic Fekkai Glossing Cream, crunching ice, and Southern Living magazine!

I love carrying children in my belly, feeling tiny movement, and that beautiful anticipation that builds as you get closer to Birth Day!

I love that I have a sister who always gets it.


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