Tuesday, January 4, 2011

my husband's got your back

This morning, my husband's ship set sail. He left home 2 days go, but now they are officially underway. We were able to talk to him for 2 minutes before he had to go man the rails. It was perfect timing- I was in the car loop waiting my turn to drop the kids off and Tyler was having a rough morning. And then his voice. And can I tell you that, while I miss his like crazy today, all I feel is a huge sense of pride in the man that I married.

My heart is full of love for him. And I am so proud of the men and women who step up to defend and protect our liberties and freedoms. So I thought I'd share this......a poem that circulates a lot with Navy wives, one that applies just perfectly to each one of us. Enjoy.

(*I had to google to find the author, so if this is wrong, please let me know :)

I am a small and precious child,my dads been sent to fight

The only place I'll see his face,is in my dreams at night.
He will be gone too many days for my young mind to keep track.
I may be sad,but I am proud. My daddy's got your back..

I am a caring mother. My son has gone to war..
My mind is filled with worries that I have never known before.
Everyday I try to keep my thoughts from turning black.
I may be scared,but I am proud..My son has got your back..

I am a strong and loving wife,with a husband soon to go.
There are times I'm terrified in a way most never know.
I bite my lip,and force a smile as I watch my husband pack..
My heart may break,but I am proud..My husbands got your back..

I am a soldier..Serving Proudly,standing tall. 
I fight for freedom,yours and mine by answering this call.
I do my job while knowing,the thanks it sometimes lacks.
Say a prayer that I'll come home. It's me whose got your back.

Author: Autumn Parker (2003)

 Countdown to Bliss: 220 Days

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KK said...

Deployments (or sea duty) are rough. My hubby just got home in Oct, and is leaving again in June. I know this isn't the first time you've been through it, but that doesn't make it any easier, or hurt any less. I just wanted to let you know that while your husband has my back, I've got yours! We military wives have to stick together! Love and hugs to you Momma!


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