Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fab 5 Friday

Here are 5 things I am digging right now:

1) DYAC ......just awesome
image courtesy of

2) Sherri! I love texting and heytelling with this girl! I was laughing so hard tonight my oldest child came in and asked me to keep it down because I was waking him up. Miss you lady. I sure wish Oklahoma was LOT closer to Florida!

isn't she purty?

3) Words With Friends. Totally makes waking up at 4 am to feed my baby girl not as painful.

4) Build-A-Bear......We took the kids before Jeremiah deployed and he recorded a message for each one of them in their bears/bunnies and the kids LOVE them. I just hope the battery in that thing lasts 7 months :)

5) The USS Bainbridge Facebook page......I can keep up with my husband's ship and catch an occasional photo of my cute guy in his flight suit. Schwing.......hahah. I can't believe I just used a Wayne's World word in my blog. That is who I have become. 


Countdown To Bliss: 217 Days!!!

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