Wednesday, January 12, 2011


First, with the littler news of the day.
I spilled water on my mactop. Initially I was not devastated. I wiped it off- it really was not much- and shut it down. I remembered my husband saying that if a battery gets wet, it's best to let it be for a while. So after a few hours of no computer and silent freaking out, I turned it on. It powered up right away, my screen saver was vibrant as ever, nothing looked wonky......until I went to type something into safari. No letters were appearing. My keyboard does. not. work. So I shut it down and restarted. Still nothing. The I shut it down and waited an hour to power it back on. And now it won't turn on. (insert pity here). Oh, woe is me. OH! WOE IS ME!

Also in littler news, Jack is calling me a bad dog. He heard me say 'No, No, bad dog' to Trouble when Trouble ate a sandwich out of Jack's hand. So when I took away a giant Hershey's kiss that Grandma sent him, he was furious. He looked at me, finger out, and said 'Mama, NO NO, MAMA, you berry bad dog! BERRY, BAD BAD DOG!'

We did errands today. And after a couple hours, I realized I forgot about lunch so we stopped at Arby's. Jack brought his bible. Don't you bring your Bible when you eat roast beef sandwiches? And while I was feeding Evie lunch with one hand and eating a sandwich with the other, I was reading stories of Joshua and Noah to Jack. In Arbys. (He also brought his Bible into the post office, Wal Greens, and Old Navy, in case you were wondering.)

I got a care package off for my husband today. And I am building another to be sent soon. I really am missing his cute little face. And his hugs and kisses. For just a second, the dreaded, devilish thought popped into my head "I cannot do this." I have learned, for me, that when that thought enters my mind, I need to immediately force it out. Immediately. Because I can do this. And I will. And I cannot for one second allow myself to think any differently.

And for the big news, my husband emailed me with this:

"Norfolk Virginia here we come."

That was all he wrote. Literally. All I could think to respond with was "When?" And the answer to that is- as soon as he gets home.

Alrighty, then......

So apparently I need to squeeze in painting the walls, extreme cleaning, tossing garbage, and listing the house for rent to my to do list. That is really going to cut into my bon-bon eating time.

On that note, anyone wanna come help me paint my walls in June?


Countdown to Bliss: 213 Days

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