Thursday, January 6, 2011

21 things

I have a baby on my lap and am overseeing some handwriting worksheets while I am writing this, so suffice to say, I thought I should stick with a light topic. Not like I'm all about the deep stuff. I just didn't want to try and come up with anything halfway witty tonight.

I remember when the '21 Things You Didn't Know About Me' was circulating through email and I got a kick out of reading everyones.  I don't know how to do a link-up thingamajig, but you could always share some neat little factoids about yourself in the comment section.

Somehow, even with the photobooth countdown of 3, 2, 1, I still manage to look caught off guard

1. I met my husband because his friend asked me to dance but midway through the song I told him I thought his friend (Jeremiah) was foxy. The friend was kinda ticked, but he went and told Jeremiah what I said. The rest is history.

2. I am almost positive I saw a leprechaun riding his bike down a road by my house a couple years ago. Seriously.

3. I am a terrible housewife. The first time I mopped the house (which was only 4 years ago) I dumped half a bottle of bleach into a bucket of water. Our house stunk for days and I had a wicked headache.

4. I have wanted to have 8 kids by the time I was 35 since I was a young girl. I am really stressed at the thought of producing 4 more children in the next 2 years.

5. I got a commercial truck driver's license after college for a job that I had. I had to sit on a pillow and put 2 behind my back to see through the window and reach the pedals.

6. Before my mom died, she wrote my sister, my dad, and I letters in case anything ever happened to her. I read the letter once and cannot bring myself to read it again.

7. I once got in a fender bender because I was shooting pedestrians with a  super-soaker water gun as I drove. I was 16 and thought it was a really funny idea, right up until I heard the crunch.

8. I only got fired once- from a job selling fake tattoos in a mall kiosk. I was not producing the sales volume the owner hoped I would. She fired me on the spot but "made it up to me" by giving me 4 FREE fake tattoos.

9. I did not name Everleigh until the minute before we checked out of the hospital. I had it narrowed down to 4 choices and asked the nurses and even a couple new moms I saw in the hallway what they liked better. I think they reported me for being crazy.

10. I'm what you'd call a bit of a "homie". I really love the hip hop music. Tupac- yes, please.  DMX- bring it. Dr. Dre- westsiiiiiiiiiide.  This was almost a deal breaker for my husband. Really.

11. I cannot wink. But my sister and my husband love to see me try.

12. My most fun trip with my husband was to Hawaii. I was pregnant with Kaiti, and Tyler was just barely a year old. Before my husband, my most fun trip was to New Orleans with my college roommate Michele. I am still mesmerized by the Big Easy.

13. I walked across hot coals for a job. And it hurt. Bad.

14. The only bone I have ever broken was my middle finger. I was racing my BMX bike with the boys in the neighborhood and crashed. I gave people the bird for the next 4 weeks. For me, as a 6th grader, it was totally worth it.

15. My favorite restaurant meal is a chicken/pasta/prosciutto/basil cream sauce thing from the Cheesecake Factory. My favorite drink is their Peach Bellini.

16. I can remember the exact moment when I knew I was so over the moon in love with my husband- right down to his gray sweater and the smile on his face.

17. The movies with Freddy Kreuger scare. the. poop. outta. me. The song they sing gives me the willies the 'one, two, freddie's comin' (I can't even finish it) sister knows this and torments me with it.

18. I read Alas Babylon, and decided to start stockpiling canned goods, water, and batteries. My husband does not understand my sense of urgency behind this.

19. The only thing I really got out of college was some friendships with some super fun girls, a lot of debt, and a really comfy sweatshirt. That's still a win in my book.

20. I used to skip high school parties to stay home and play pinochle with my parents. I was playing cards with my mom while in labor with Tyler. And as soon as my mother-in-law arrives for a visit, I get the cards out. It's who I am.

21. I am known by childhood friends for getting food stuck in my hair-- marshmallows, peanut butter, lollipops, and gum. I did the marshmallow thing twice.

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