Saturday, January 22, 2011

five things

This morning I felt the need to sit and write. So I grabbed my laptop (the Apple store repaired it for free!!!!!! yippeee!!!), sat down on the couch (where my kids were watching Honey, I Shrunk The Kids- which is soooooo old school), and got to it.

I am not really feeling anything today. The Jack Handy in me must be on vacation, 'cause I got nothin'. I decided to put to computer screen somethings I have bookmarked on paper and in my favorites toolbar. If you can think of things to add to my list, holla! (or, just leave a comment. actually, please holla while typing. like if you are wanting to add rum cake to my recipes, please shout out 'RUM TO THE C-A-K-E' while typing. any maybe throw in a left arm fist pump and funny head bob-chicken thing. just an idea. you can just type it if that is what you are comfortable with. but I bet the shout/fist pump/head bob will make you feel good. aren't thoughts in parentheses supposed to be brief?)

5 Etsy Sites I've Been Browsing

1) Corinna Couture if you have a daughter, just click. just click.
2) Three Kittens Knitting I got the CUTEST knit sheep baby hat for Evie!
3) Little Town Boutique yes, my obsession continues.
4) Little Party Boutique the most adorable, creative party supply shop out there!!
5) Calabasas Candy Co their candy looks soooo. dern. good. And heart day is coming up....

5 Favorite Recipes Right Now

1) Pioneer Woman's Spaghetti & Meatballs yum. oh, yum.
2) Chewy Sticky Cake even if you don't care for coconut, you'll like this!
3) Pineapple Cheese Ball My friend Carrie introduced me to this and it such a good gathering appetizer
4) My Mom's Shepard Pie nostalgic goodness that makes me feel like Mom's here with me
5) My husband's chicken tacos w/ guacamole I love watching my husband chop jalapenos. Oh my quivers, he is cute and has the bluest eyes and the sexiest smile and how his tush in levis and...

5 Favorite iPhone/iPod/iPad apps:

1) Skype let me talk to and SEE my husband from my cell phone while he was in port in Sicily!!!
2) HeyTell allows you to send voice messages just by touching a spot on your phone to other heytell users
3) Hipstamatic gives your pictures an aged/vintagey look
4) Twitter I'm sure you know about the twitter by now. it's funny. briefly.
5) lets you watch some CBS and other network shows on your phone without having to pay or download anything

5 Things I Am Really Wanting

1) MY HUSBAND!!!!!
2) a Nap
3) Canon t1i
4) a Hug
5) iPad

 5 Songs I Rocked Out To Last Night
1) Down Under by Men at Work
2) Beautiful by Akon
3) Hold On by Wilson Phillips
4) Let's Get Married by Jagged Edge
5) Son of a Preacher Man by Dusty Springfield

5 Pictures That Make Me Miss Him Like Crazy

self portrait he took with his cell phone while in port in Sicily
the day after he got home from the last one, just happy!!!

Cuddling with Evie the day before he left last time

oh sweet mercy, I think my uterus just contracted
getting our taxes ready before he left this time. does anyone else think your husband looks even hotter with his wedding ring on?


Countdown To Bliss: 202 Days!!!!!!!

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