Monday, January 17, 2011

I like fractions. And also, wine.

My eyes are blurry and my hair is frizzy so I am going to make this quick.

(I understand that you may not get the significance of my frizzy hair and it's effect on my ability to write, but trust me, it's a factor. It always is. You know, like those grown ups who blame everything on not getting enough toys as a child, my frizz is my cop out.)

It's possible I might be delirious. I managed to work about 3 hours today, play 3 games of Zero (it's a card game my mother-in-law taught me and the only one my kids semi get) with my hooligans, and read about 2 dozen stories to my people. My eyes are shot and my patience is out so I am going to just purge what is in my head. Brace yourself for the excitement.
I was trying to clean and get dinner ready and Jack was throwing fit #37 this afternoon. I kind of grunted and said something like "I need someone to come over! I just want to play hookie from adulthood for a little bit." About two minutes later Tyler walked into the kitchen with a deck of cards and said "Okay, Mom, we can do that." Nose crinkled, brow furrowed, "What you talkin bout Willis Tyler?". He smiled and said "I got the cards, so I can play 'hook from adel-hood' with you, just tell me how to play." I am really happy he is my kid. Really, really.

I had a great Saturday night. We picked up dinner, came home and ate while listening to my ipod. Then we all went into Kaiti's room, cleaned it out, and piled on her bed and watched shows. All 5 of us crammed on her full bed and fighting for a pillow. (But I blamed them all for my bad back and took them all :)) We watched an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba and I took a video with my phone because I thought it was so funny. Jack Black doing a funny dance and I almost had to change my slacks I was laughing so hard and doing my K's to stop the bladder from letting go. -Oh, and by slacks I mean my black velour pants with 5 yrs worth of stains and holes on/in them.- Then I sent the me-laughing-at-Jack-Black video I took to some of my friends to share the goodness with them. And then I laughed for another hour from the text exchange back and forth with my friends, and I even got a DYAC submission out of it. All 4 fell asleep in Kaiti's bed, so I carried everyone to their own cots and went and watched The Hangover while playing on Tyler's Club Penguin account, had some wine and engaged in the twitter with friends. An hour later and my stomach was sore from laughing. I went to bed happy, which is probably the first night since my husband left I did not fall asleep sad. Progress, my friends, progress.

Did I tell you that we are moving to Virginia? We are. Not sure when, but most likely sometime in early fall, possibly as soon as late summer. My kids are very excited.....for no other reason than they want a 2-story house. I never knew they liked stairs that much.

In the past week, I have been asked a few times by friends and strangers alike if we are "done" with the making baby's thing. And it didn't even flow with the conversation. Weird. I think I said something sarcastic most of the times I was asked, but one time I said 'well, probably for now since my husband is deployed, and I think he'd be ticked'. Which I thought was perfectly fine, honest answer. I don't think the person had the same reaction because she looked at me weird and the forced a smile and went on her way. People are strange. (which is probably the exact thing she was saying about me as she was walking away.)
Today I am 1/15th of the way through this deployment. I like fractions.
I am thinking this is really boring. could I liven this up? Oh, hipstamatic pictures!


Countdown to Bliss: 207 days!!!

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