Sunday, March 14, 2010

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We've been home from our mini-vacation for just a few hours, and man, am I ready to go back. It was such a wonderful trip!!

We left on Thursday for Siesta Key, to visit the Falck family and have a long weekend together as family before Jeremiah starts work ups again. It was pouring when we left Jacksonville, and pouring when we arrived in Siesta-- which is east of Sarasota. The rain didn't hamper our mood....honestly, I think a vacation for us is just time away from work/school/ doesn't take much to please us. Well, most of us. If you know Tyler, you know this kid has high hopes and lofty expectations :)

We went out to lunch on Friday and spent the day at Mote Marine Aquarium. It was pretty cool....sharks, a giant squid, sting ray, and all sorts of big ol' fish. We stopped at Whole Foods on the way home and got a bunch of stuff for a great grilled dinner. And s'mores. Can't forget the s'mores. Have I told you that I would camp in 110 degree heat, or pouring rain, just in hopes of getting a s'more? We spent the night hanging out and talking with good friends, and that is just what I've been wanting & needing since the constant string of goodbyes this winter.

Then on Saturday, after swimming in the pool at Tropical Shores Beach Resort, the AMAZING place we stayed, we went to Ellie's parents house for a day of boating off Longboat Key. I was a little nervous....I spent most of the morning battling morning sickness, and was unsure of how Jack would do on a boat. And as I have to come to learn, the nervous anticipation was completely unnecessary...Jack loved the boat, and my nausea seemed to vanish as soon as we were on the water.

The water off the gulf coast is beautiful!! Just beautiful! And it was the perfect day for our outing.

We went to a little beach-- I think it was called Beer Can Island-- and had lunch and let the kids play. Oh, and let Jeremiah burn. Yeah, my husband still has not learned after 34 years that he is fair-skinned and needs a LOT of sunscreen.


But, the day had to draw to an end, so we headed back. It was great, though, and I definitely want to head back and enjoy that gulf water again, but maybe when it's a little warmer.

We headed back to Ellie and Vic's, had some yummy dinner and relaxed with them until our kids were on the verge of passing out. Man, I wish Jack would take a sleeping lesson from Hayne. That sweet little boy drifts off to sleep in his crib at 6:30 pm and sleeps for 12 solid hours. How do I get one of those?????

It was a great weekend, and the Nelsons are super thankful to the Falcks for giving us such a wonderful treat!!!

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Evie's Story said...

Great pics! Glad you had a fun family get away!


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