Friday, May 21, 2010

The creature from the deep

We've been busy bees in the Nelson home!

Today, Tyler had his first book parade. Each student was invited to dress up as their favorite storybook character and wear the costume to school today to march in their parade.

We have a bunch of Star Wars costumes Tyler could have chosen from. But, rather than make it easy on me, he insisted on dressing up as a character from Lego Atlantis (a story line that follows Lego people underwater in a quest for a treasure- I think). 

The catch-- there is not a book (that I am aware of)-- it is something he read about in his Lego Magazine. (if your kids do not already get this, go sign up- it's free and both Tyler and Kaiti LOVE it!)

So, he decided to write his own book based on what he read in the magazine. The book is 6 whole chapters.....the chapters are only 2 pages, but still :) I am super proud because the story totally had a plot and followed it-- he did great, even with the illustrations!

He wanted to design a costume based on his character from the book- and who am I to stifle that kind of creativity? I posted a discussion here asking for costume help, but to no avail. Luckily, my sister, Annette, and Sherri offered some tips. But because my son was so determined to make this all his own, we didn't end up using their ideas- thanks again, though, ladies!

So, after a trip to Michael's, the Dollar General, and Winn Dixie, we were all set. And this, my friends, is what he created!!!!

before we attached the arms and applied the shells and fish. I think our dog Trouble approved.

pardon the was super muggy this morning and my lens steamed up. he also is not wearing his goggles here, but he packed them in his backpack :)

the balloons were his 'air tanks'.... there were shells on top of the easter basket grass  seaweed helmet, but they kept falling off and all the spray adhesive in the world would not make them stick.

you should have seen the looks we got as I walked him in to school. oh, and his sleeves were made out of kitchen drawer liners, in case you were wondering :)

All I can say is MAN, I LOVE THIS KID!!!!!!!!

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