Saturday, May 15, 2010

life's little lessons

I have learned some things this week. Some I have known for quite a while, just needed a little reminder. And others were brand new epiphanies, but things I will probably have to learn again and again.

Driving Kaiti home from school, she said said her tummy was not full and asked if she could finish the rest of her lunch in the car. A lot of moms would scoff at the idea of eating in the car, but I do not. We are in it often, and as many times as we have tried, it remains an impossible objective to restrict eating to tables, as much as we are in and out. Anyway, I told her she could eat, and I heard the telltale sound of her lunchbox unzipping, and Kaiti munching. Within seconds I felt my chin tremble and a wave of heat rising with force up the back of my throat. At the same time as that wave was hitting me, my nose was filled with the putrid smell of artifically flavored cheese chips. Windows all up because of the rain, the putrid, pungent odor of Doritos filled the car. I CANNOT stand that smell, and it has bothered me since I was a kid. But the instataneous nausea that accompanied the smell was new-- a pregnancy thing, no doubt. I rolled my window down and stuck my head out the window, like an excited dog, and yelled 'Kaiti, please do me a favor and zip those chips back in your lunchbox quickly.' She must have sensed my queasiness, because she obeyed at once. Doritos : NOT for everybody!

Lesson learned: when your children ask you if they can have a snack in the car, make sure you know what kind of snack they are referring to.

I tend to be forgetful, and pregnancy only makes it worse. I don't know if I can blame it on the incessant multi-tasking, or if my brain was just not created to hold on to the little things. It's funny, really, because I can remember the exact outfit I wore and how I had my hair the day I moved into my college dorm. But the time of my OB appt on Wednesday- I could remember! I wrote it down on a piece of paper, but lost that, too. In the past two weeks, I've lost my cell phone 4 times (to the point that I had my boss searching her office), my glasses twice, and my debit card for nearly a week. I rationalize my absentmindedness to my husband by saying, 'Hey, we still have all 3 children, right?' I don't think that comment did much to ease the bother of yet another wild goose chase, though.

Lesson learned: Buy that beeper-thing-a-ma-jig (like the one from Along Came Polly) the next time I see the infomercial and attach an alarm thinige to every small thing I cannot live without, including small humans.

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