Wednesday, May 5, 2010

my holidays

My uterus really loves a celebration! Ha! What a way to start this one, right?

But seriously. It does. 

Tyler was conceived around Valentine's Day and born 2 days shy of Thanksgiving. My turkey.

Kaiti was conceived around Mother's Day and was due on Valentine's Day, but we had her a week early. My sweetheart.

Jack was conceived around Jeremiah's birthday (just before he left for a month) and was born just days before Halloween. My pumpkin.

And our little Evelyne was conceived around who knows when and is due around the 4th of July.

Interestingly enough, each of my little holiday children have a bit of that holiday ingrained in their personalities. 

Tyler is very much my little Turkey. He's smart as a whip and likes to let us know how sharp he is. He also thinks he is pretty funny. He's quick with a joke, a funny voice, or silly move, and I can promise you that he is the one who is always laughing loudest at himself.

Kaiti....well, to know her is to know that she is a sweetheart. Truly, she is the just about the sweetest person I've ever known. She's so soft, so loving, so warm. She loves to cuddle, she is full of love and her heart is as big as the ocean! She is all that Valentine's Day is supposed to be.

Jack is our jolly little pumpkin. He's a juicy ball of fun. He makes us laugh all the time and smiles all the time. My little jack o lantern. You cannot be around this boy and not smile, and he's the most delicious thing I ever did see. My pumpkin!

And Little Miss Evelyne........well, if her in-utero movement is any indicator, it appears she is going to be every bit the firecracker her holiday birth necessitates. This child seems and willful. Each kick, each jab packs a punch I have not felt with any of my other babies. You know how olympic swimmers do those underwater flip turns as their legs powerfully push off the wall to propel them ahead. She does that. She doesn't go far because, you know, space is limited and all, but that doesn't stop her. Each little punch or kick, and she reminds me that she's a little stick o' dynamite! I think this baby girl is going to give us more than we bargained for :)

It was all innocent and sweet, my little holiday children, until we went and created a little firecracker!

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