Tuesday, May 25, 2010

our little evie girl

My appointment this morning went wonderfully. They wanted to check on some things they have noted in the pregnancy and make sure all was well.

And Little Miss Evie did not disappoint. She did seem annoyed that we were disrupting her sleep, though, and told me so with some powerful kicks and jabs. We had to do some of the tests several times because she would kick or roll before we could get good numbers.

So, here is our lovely daughter at about 34 weeks.

cord on her mouth and under her nose, right arm and hand on forehead

sleeping, this is the left side of her face if that helps

sweet baby girl, I cannot wait to hold you

back to the regular old images, but still breathtaking!

cannot believe I've been blessed with 4 children!

We saw her practice her breathing, move and roll, open and close eyes, stick her fingers in her mouth. The tech said she looked great and said she understood the pressure I told her about because she is very low and hanging out in the 'ready position'.

They are estimating her weight to be 5+ pounds, and all of her measurements are putting her about 2 weeks ahead of schedule. The doctor said that although things looked great, they would still like to watch us, to be safe- just a precaution, I'm sure, because this little girl is looking amazing!

I go back tomorrow morning- kind of annoying, but the bright side is they will probably schedule a date for me. 

Okay, I'm beat tired and in need of some rest-- this afternoon we are going to the school to see Tyler receive his student of the month award-- he is the Stupendous Student for the month of May!! Yea, Tyler!!!!! I am, without a doubt, one proud mama!

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