Thursday, May 13, 2010

'Um, pretty good.....'

A funny exchange happened at my OB appt today and gave me a good laugh. 

I had finished my appt and walked up to the Nurse's station to schedule my next visit, for 2 weeks from now. 
The very young nurse opens my chart, reads that it says to book appts for me from here on out, and starts reading off days to see if they will work. We get to the point where she is booking me an appt around the 37-38 week time frame and she looks up from behind the desk.
Looking both serious and very inquisitive, she says '37 weeks. Hmm. Do you think you will make it that far?'
Sort of confused, I stare blankly and say 'Pardon me?'
She says 'This next appt will be at 37 weeks. Do you think you will make it to 37 weeks?'
Still staring blankly at her, she continues 'What do you think the chances are you will make it that far?'
Seriously, it took all I had to not start laughing. I simply said, 'Um, pretty good, I guess. I'll do my best to hold her in that long.'
She seemed eased by my answer, looks back at the computer and says, "If you have her before then, please call within 24 hours to cancel because June is going to be a very busy month for us.'
As soon as I made my way out the doors I started laughing. Was she- a trained obstetrics nurse- asking me to estimate based on my own intuition, when I would be giving birth? And was she really going to place weight on the answer I gave her? 
As I was laughing, I recalled a story my friend Billie Jo shared with me about her trip to get a 3-D ultrasound. After paying over $100 and waiting for almost an hour, they get back, start the ultrasound, and the tech was pretty quiet. Billie Jo's husband finally asked, 'So, ma'am, what are we having.'
The lady keeps scanning, and finally says, 'I'm going to say that you're probably having a girl. Yep, 50%, it's probably a girl.'
Billie Jo and her husband are processing what she has said, and Charley (her husband), says, 'So you're giving us a 50% chance that it's a girl?'
The tech said 'Yep, that's what I think.'
Billie Jo is quietly laughing now, and her husband says, 'Well, that is pretty much the same odds we had before we arrived here.'
........the baby was, indeed, a girl, but that story makes me laugh every time I think of it.
Do you have any funny  OB stories to share? You can read some more by checking out the discussion HERE

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