Monday, December 14, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Whew.... after traveling across country with 3 little ones, most moms would probably have a bunch of things to share and confess. But Not Me! Our travel and stay with family went off without even a slight hiccup thanks to how very together I am. But you all know that by now, right?

Some moms might share a silly story about letting their very grown up 6-year-old pack his own backpack as a carry-on for the plane ride, because they were overwhelmed with things to do and being lazy, I mean, because they were trying to empower their child while teaching responsibility. Some mom might then share how after going through the security checkpoint, a CODE RED was issued as all exits and entrances promptly shut down, causing TSA agents to come running from all directions with their hands on their weapons. And as said mom was wondering in disbelief what in the world was going on while she was trapped on one side of the lockdown with all 3 children but no husband, said mom might have wanted to crawl into a hole when TSA agents lifted up a Cars backpack and loudly demanded, 'Who does this belong to?' That mom might have gone weak in the knees and turned red with humiliation as the TSA agent carefully pulled out a very real looking cap gun from the very grown up 6-year-old's backpack. Sheesh, I sure am glad I am not THAT mom.

While at my Dad's house, when running short on some things, he sent my sister and I to the grocery store with his credit card to pick up a FEW things (grapes, baby wipes, and orange juice). Of course, we were very mindful and responsible with his credit card and we DID NOT return home with lotion, makeup, a dozen different types of ice cream, slippers, mittens, AND a receipt exceeding more than $250. Could you imagine???

Like I said, our travel went perfectly. So many things could have gone wrong. For example, I COULD have left my wallet in my sister's purse- with every piece of photo identification inside- so that when I showed up at the airport to return home with my family, I had not a single picture ID to speak of. That would have been AWFUL. If that happened, I might have been treated like a terrorist, and been forced to stay behind while my husband endured the weight of all 3 children alone. And I might have started to cry a bit as the TSA agents performed a criminal check on me, as I stood there helplessly, not sure if I would be able to get on the plane. And I might have made a MAD DASH to my gate after my criminal check came back clear (they must not check internationally-- hehe) and made it on to the plane with just minutes to spare. But since that was NOT ME, I was spared all that drama. Thank goodness!

And I am always honest and up-front with my little ones. Always! So I definitely DID NOT tell them that Yo Gabba Gabba was no longer an appropriate show to watch because it was causing head aches and nausea for mommies. I DIDN'T stick to my story, as my very grown up 6-year-old said, 'Mommy, are you sure you are not just saying that because that show bothers you?' And, after hearing her brother's question, my curious 4-year-old did not say, 'Are you sure it's not the baby making you feel that way because Grabba Grabba is a good show'. I did NOT then look at my children, stare into their eyes and say, 'Seriously, guys, that shows makes me feel sick and I think it's best to not watch it.'

Nope! Not ME!!!!

What about you lovely folks? Any stories you were NOT a part of????


Kelli @ RTSM said...

Your trips to the airport are certainly memorable! And I'm with you on Yo Gabba has to be one of the most annoying kids shows ever!

Anonymous said...

I just loved that story, quite made my day!!! I am also soooo with you about Grabba Grabba...I stopped that one LONG ago...Unless they go to their room.

Sandi :O)

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

Oh... my... gosh!!! I can't believe your story! I work in TV news, and I can't help but thinking, that would have made an awesome news story!


Virginia (Jenny) said...

Oh my gosh! The gun story was kind of funny. I laughed but I felt bad for you. LOL. :

Thanks for sharing and so nice to meet you.

Virginia (Jenny) said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I added you to my "following" list. :D


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