Friday, May 7, 2010

Fab 5 Friday

This is the first time I am participating in Fab Five Friday. Just a little way to share some things that you're particularly fond of this week!

1) The Magic Eraser

How in the world have I had 3 children, one dog, and 2 cats before I was introduced to the beauty of this little thing? It has wiped crayon clear off my walls- and pencil, and even some green marker that was there A WHILE, it's polished up some pretty pathetic looking door knobs, and I've only just begun! If you CLICK HERE, you can save yourself $3 on this!!

This site is awesome if you have young readers at home! One of Tyler's teachers set it up so he can go in and read books online and mark them off in his book journal. He is constantly improving his reading skills, and if he gets caught up on a word, the listen tool helps him sound it out. He likes to play on the computer and he thinks of this site as a fun place to play, when it is such a wonderful educational tool! I love anything that merges fun and learning! Tyler is drawn to the science section more than anything else, and loves to read about animals, the earth, and the way things work. Such an awesome tool- especially when he needs to be busy while I am cooking or taking care of the baby.

I spent a ton of time searching Etsy for the perfect diaper bag. I wanted a delicate combination of pure sweetness and functionality, and was hoping to find someone who would work with my crazy self. I found her! Kristy, the creator behind the lovely shop, was sooooooo patient with me as I waffled back and forth......seriously, even I would have walked away from me. In the end she created EXACTLY what I wanted. An adorable, sweet bag that will meet me needs as I carry newborn necessities, some diapers and toys to keep my one-year-old busy, and band-aids, snacks, and other tools for my 5 and 6 year olds! This shop is wonderful! I went into this with high expectations, thanks to Dabni (a sweet lady I met at the Butterfly Festival, who is super-talented, and has sewn me 3 or 4 customized bags!) Dabni went on bag-making sabbatical when she was pregnant with the twins, and is now expecting another little one- but she was a tough cookie to replace!

4) Annette

I know, this is kinda off the beaten path for Fab 5 Fridays, cause Annette is not available at your local store or anything, but I had to include her because she's eased my mind this week. With Jeremiah getting ready to leave for almost a month, I asked her if she could help me out if this baby girl decides to come early. And she was quick to say yes and be so sweet as to even offer to come with me if need be, and have Dave watch the kids....that's a total of 6 kids! Anyway, I am super grateful for her friendship!! She is awesome. If you don't have an Annette, find one quick!

I LOVE this thing! We used it all the time.....used it yesterday when I made an egg salad sandwich, the night before when we minced garlic for pasta, and a couple days before that when had to chop some onions. It keeps the mess contained and takes care of the job in seconds!

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