Friday, May 21, 2010

mouths of babes.....

Out of the mouth's of my sweet, adorable babes!

Kaiti: How does Jack chew if he doesn't have any teeth?
Me: What? He has teeth- a whole mouth full of them. See?
Kaiti: Oh. YEA! (jumping & clapping). Tyler come look, Jack just got 10 teef!
Me: Um, Kaiti, he's had teeth for about 9 months. This didn't just happen.
Kaiti: Really? Wow. I'm so busy with work, I didn't even notice. We shoulda had a party.

-on a stormy morning-
Tyler: If the power goes out at school, will you come and get me?
Me: Umm, I guess. Why, have you lost power at school before?
Tyler: Yep, a couple times. And they tell us to wait for our 'mergency machines to come on and give us light again, but one time they didn't.
Me: Wow- I never thought about what happens when you lose power at school. What did you guys do when the emergency generators didn't kick on.
Tyler: Well, some of the kids in my class got crazy, and then my teachers looked upset. I think they're really afraid of the dark.

Kaiti: Mom, how come you walk funny on some of the days?
Me: Because I have a baby in my belly, and carrying this little girl around and chasing your little brother can be tough on my body.
Kaiti: So she kicks and she hurts you? Just push her out then if she is making your body hurt. 
Me: She's not doing it to be mean, Kaiti. I better keep her in until she is ready to be born.
Kaiti: Okay, but when she does come out, you might want to put her in time out. Jack, too. They need to learn that you don't hurt the mommy.

-Playing Family Feud and the question is: 'Name a job someone takes to be a hero'
Me: (thinking out loud) hmmmm...what about a fireman?
Tyler: No, it's a bagger. A bagger at a grocery store, mom, put that!

-Still playing Family Feud, the next question is: 'A memorable night in a teenager's life'
Me: Probably Prom. Or Graduation,
Tyler: No, that's not it. Say Friday night mom! Friday night.....TRUST ME!

Me: Kaiti, can you come here.
Kaiti: What you said?
Me: Come here please, honey.
Kaiti: What, Mommy? I was singing a song that I really liked!!
Me: Did I just hear you put Jack in timeout?
Kaiti: Yes, he was interrupting my singing.
Me: Okay, but you need to let mommy and daddy take care of the discipline. And interrupting your singing is not something I would punish him for.
Kaiti: But, Mommy, he was interrupting 'cause he was throwing legos at me and I didn't like it. I said 'I don't like that Jack,' but he didn't care.
Me: Oh. That isn't nice, and that is something I would discipline him for.
Kaiti: I know, that's why I helped you.....and now you're interrupting my singing. I need to go.

-In Wal Geens w/ Kaiti and Jack
Kaiti: Mom, Jack's pulling my hair.
Me: Tell him to stop.
Kaiti: Jack, stop pulling my hair. Stop pulling my hair or we'll leave the store of mustard and diet coke.

-Still at Wal Greens
Kaiti: Jack stop grabbing at that dick.
Me: WHAT???? (turning quickly to my son)
Kaiti: Jack is trying to pull that dick of cards off the rack Mama.
Me: DECK. That's called a DECK of cards honey. 

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Stacy said...

"Tyler come look, Jack just got 10 teef!"
That made me laugh out loud! So cute and hilarious. :) I never comment but I have been following your blog. Its just me your old hairstylist! :)


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