Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Outta the mouths of mamas

In case you didn't know......I'm a keepin' it real kind of girl. Sure, I tell you guys about my son's active imagination and his drive to make his ideas come to life, and I've shared stories about how my little guy is so attached to his older brother's bible, that he carries it along on shopping runs. But that's just one facet of our life. I have also told you about my relatively lax expectations when it comes to parenting on my own and made fun of myself and my mishaps in the *make believe* Not Me posts. It's pretty clear who I am: a flawed, but always-trying mama of 4 who tries to find the lessons AND THE HUMOR in this crazy little thing called mamahood.

Some of the things I catch myself are too ridiculous not to share......

"Kaiti, can you check Evie's head? I think I just dropped some raw meat on her."

"Please quit calling your brother 'Big Toe'. We don't call names and he doesn't want to be called that. Don't call your sister that either. Or me. Stop calling me 'Big Toe'. Jack. Cut it out."

"Well, then find a fork, because we are not leaving until your hair is brushed."

"Don't spray perfume on the baby."

"I'm not sure I get your joke. Where did you hear that? What kid on the bus? You don't ride a bus."

"Don't spray perfume on the dog."

"Take the centipede off my foot. I did NOT enjoy that."

"No, you don't need to go get help. 'You're driving me bonkers' is just an expression."

"Why are you whining that your legs hurt? We just got out of the car 5 minutes ago. No, I will not give you a piggyback ride around the grocery store- you're just gonna have to suck it up."

"Jack, please stop touching that man's back. I'm sorry, sir. Jack, stop it. Again, I'm sorry."

"Why is there a bottle of ketchup in the washing machine???"

"Well, that's nice that you bit into the apple to get it started for her, but she cannot eat a whole apple because she only has 2 teeth. No, honey, cutting it in half won't work out either."

"Just because I won't buy you a 7-Up does not mean that I do not care about you."

"Kaitlin, where are the scissors? WHAT?!?!?!?! Why are they in Jack's closet??? Kaiti!!"

"Ummm, first explain to me why you need a can opener?"

"Why are your SHOES AND SOCKS OFF??? There is NO reason for your shoes AND SOCKS to be off in here."(said while I peeked into a bathroom stall occupied by my child at Target)


some pictures from the beach Sunday afternoon/evening

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