Friday, April 15, 2011

{Little Tickle]~ and a DISCOUNT CODE for you!

I'm not sure if I have mentioned this before, but I'm a bit of an etsy junky. Just a little, little, little bit. From soaps, to candles, to dresses and baby shoes, to fabric and sewing patterns, to jewelry and headbands, I have bought it all on good ol' etsy. Given the amount of time I have spent browsing (you hear that, honey?? BROWSING. I'm not always buying!) I am always amazed when I find a new store that I just love. Like a 'why am I just now having the pleasure of meeting you?' kind of amazed.

That's pretty much what happened when I came across Little Tickle. The shop was listed in the 'You Might Like' shops section of my etsy front page, and boy did etsy get it right with this one!

Sweet dresses and skirts in pretty patterns and vibrant colors,

All images courtesy of Little Tickle shop

summery fabrics in styles you'll just want to snatch up!

I ordered Everleigh's 1st Birthday dress from Little Tickle. It is just adorable!! Here is the dress picture from the shop.......and as cute as it is in this photo, it's even prettier on!

But check out the other lovely dress we were graced with!

I love it!! And when she grows, she can wear it as a tunic, if her chubby little arm rolls will stop puffing up :)

And you want to hear the REALLY fun part? Laura has offered my readers and friends a special discount code! So go visit Little Tickle and enter the coupon code "partyoffive" at checkout to save 15% off your purchase! Thank you so much, Laura!!!  This shop is definitely one of my new favorites!!

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