Tuesday, April 26, 2011

bags, and burps, and baby 'bands, OH MY!

I interrupt my regularly scheduled blogging to bring you this important announcement!

The Vintage Clothespin is having a BIG SALE!!! 

Do you remember me sharing about The Vintage Clothespin? I raved about them a couple times: here and here!

I don't leave home without the adorable diaper bag she created for me! I love, love, love it! And you can be sure I will find a purpose for it once I have outgrown the diaper bag carrying......in case that ever happens.

So check out her etsy shop and fill your cart with her lovely things! This sale is too good to pass up!

....and proof that I take my favorite diaper bag everywhere:

....to the beach

....on hay rides

.....to al & wendy's

.....to husbandless valentine's celebrations (notice the champagne)

....to dinosaur watching

......and to the Arabian Sea. If you look really hard, on your top left..........you will not see the diaper bag. But it was funny for a second, right?

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