Thursday, April 28, 2011

remember that Van Halen song?

*The only thing Van Halen has to do with this is the 'right now'. But at the end of this post I might Jump, just to make the title a little more fitting. But those are the only 2 Van Halen songs I can think of for now. Bummer. 

Me, Right Now....

I feel like writing down the center of my blog.

The idea of bullet points and numbered lists gives me a headache. Really. Like squinty, steady pulsing headache.

I dream about moving to a beach house, in either of the Carolina's, and letting my kids run wild on sand dunes while my husband and I watch from the porch. 

I am wearing thick flannel pajama pants and a tank top. My PJs are an oxymoron. Hot legs, cold arms. A/C and fan on, but extra blanket on me. 

I am thankful for tiny mercies. Like friends that get what I've got going over here and understand when I sit things out, like the young sailor at the doctor's office that jumped out of his chair to hold the door open for me and my double-wide stroller, and like the long-lasting hug and "I'm happy you're my mom" I got from my child that has been going through a rough stage lately. Grateful for every ounce of compassion directed my way, and hoping I can pass on at least some of it. 

I am amazed at the women in my life. In awe of a friend I recently reconnected with as I watch her juggle her children, one of which is battling constant and very serious health issues, while her husband is deployed, and still reach out and support the women around her. You guys, this girl has faced our greatest fears as parents, she has walked through some horrific things, and struggles with decisions no parent should have to face, and she still laughs, she smiles, she listens, and she encourages. She is such an inspiration and I am blessed to call her a friend. 

I'm touched at the extended camaraderie that exists between us military wives. As I write this, a sweet friend is sitting in an apartment of a girl she has never met, but shares the title 'Navy Wife', as they await news on her husband's well being. I am still blown away by the quickness and the drive these women have to run to help and care for their fellow wives. It's such a beautiful thing- I wish this kind of primal love for a friend on all of you!

I have The Blind Side on in the background and a Fresca on my nightstand. My mom shared her love of Fresca with me and now it makes me smile every time I see the can. Another little mercy. 

I have (EMPTY) stool sample cups in my purse. 4, to be exact. You just go ahead and be jealous now and get it over with. -Okay, that just made me think......I should do a group post about what is in my bag, and my girls' bags. I think I have seen those in a magazine (though I am not sure I totally buy what those celebrities tote around because they seem more like advertisements for products than a true peek into their pocketbook- I should get bonus points for saying pocketbook). I remember a while back, when my friend Billie Jo went to find something in her purse and she pulled out a tire gauge, and as we were laughing at her, I pulled out a pregnancy test out of mine (unused). Oh, women are a funny lot. 

I wish mosquitos were extinct. 

I have a thing for turquoise and mustard yellow, sun-tanned feet, afternoons at the beach, the sound of a Bravo, sundresses, bronze jewelry, sweet baby giggles, oranges, Pinterest, free sewing tutorials and patterns, the idea of August, the trifle concoction I was introduced to last weekend, clean smelling candles, the Phase 10 app on my phone, air-drying my hair,  Korres Guava Body Butter, the movie Leap Year, and emails from my husband. 

I am missing two someones intensely. 

I feel like making deviled eggs. But it is after midnight and I don't have eggs. Darn it.

I need to sleep. 

for every picture I get, there are 43 outtakes. 

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