Friday, April 22, 2011

lies. and truths.

I posted something on my twittertwitter yesterday and got some responses from friends so I thought I could make this an entire post. So here I am. Posting. Or pasting. Which is really what I did, so this falls under the 'lazy lady' category. Also in that category, laundry couch, hot dogs for dinner, and 'the binkie was only on the floor for 3 seconds'.

-Oh, before I forget- do you tweet? You-- back there. Yes, you. Lady in the glasses with the pretty smile? (in case no one else is reading this, that description will at least apply to my sister, so it's legit- cause I make her read me.) You should, you definitely should, tweet. If you are into making bird noises (you're supposed to make a bird noise every time you post a tweet- it's just what I was told) and enjoy condensed thoughts, and making friends with other fun people with condensed thoughts. It's just 140 characters of fun, silly, interesting, thought provoking awesomeness.

Lies I Tell Myself, a collaborated effort:

  • Deployments are easy
  • The elliptical is sOOOO fun
  • Chocolate tastes like poo
  • Sleep is for sissies
  • Spit-up stains are hot
  • Getting paid sucks (thanks Annette)
  • Ponytails look gooooooooooood
  • Fat free cheese tastes the same
  • Teething babies are super
  • I'm done having babies
  • Wine is overrated
  • Cellulite is sexy (thanks sarajoy)
  • Round stomachs are better than flat (thanks sarajoy)
  • Dog smell is yummy (thanks sarajoy)
  • Litter box cleaning is a laugh riot (thanks sarajoy)
  • Crowds make me happy (thanks jen)
  • I'm not scared of the dark 
  • My gray roots blend right in
  • Co-sleeping is a blast (thanks kelley)
  • Hairy legs are a turn on (thanks kelley)
  • Parenting is so relaxing (thanks kelley)
  • I think my husband really likes my granny panties
  • Target's slurpy and popcorn combo is a well-rounded dinner for kids (thanks kelley)
  • It's okay that I ate the entire chocolate pie- it's because of PMS (thanks sherri)
  • I will make time to workout tomorrow (thanks sherri)
  • My pants are tight, but only because I am bloated (thanks sherri)
  • I did NOT act like my kids when I was their age (thanks sherri)
  • Wal Mart is just as good as Target (thanks Stacy)
  • No one will know this is store bought and not homemade (thanks Stacy)

And because I don't want my pants catching on fire (liar liar), here are some truths I know:

  • My friends rock my socks off
  • My husband rocks the rest of my stuff off
  • Deployments are HARDHARDHARD. But I will make it through
  • Love sees the heart and it disregards the gray roots, round belly, spit up stains and eternal ponytail (the unshaved legs might be pushing it though..... :)
  • Parenting....whew. It's a doozy. Raising happy, considerate, loving people is......whew. But the pull-my-hair-out moments pale in comparison to the make-my-heart-swell ones. And that is more than enough for me.
  • Ugliness is like fire- it needs to be snuffed out at once.
  • Pizza is good. Wine is good. Naps are good. Music & laughter make {almost} everything better

Care to add to the list? Hearing my friends 'lies' had me laughing pretty matter how different some of us are, deep down, our thoughts and weaknesses and silliness binds us to one another. Have any you want to share with me? Jack and Evie are waiting to hear some more........

The screaming that led to her crashing on my chest was nothing compared heavy baby breath on my neck and the cuddle time I clocked that night. 

Can you see the gray roots? And a quick confession- I actually pulled my hair free from the ponytail before I took this for my husband, and 2 seconds later, guess what I did? 

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