Tuesday, April 19, 2011

a pie chart never looked SOOOO GOOD

Today, my friends, is HALFWAY DAY!

We (me, my kids, my husband, the Det 5 guys and their families) are half-way through this long long long deployment and from here on out, I am closer to seeing my husband than I am to saying goodbye to him.

I think Martha would agree-- THAT is a VERY good thing. Also, I think Martha would maybe pick me some lilac and primrose from her garden and give it to me as a congratulatory 'You're almost there!' gesture. I really think she would.

Every halfway point stirs up some wonderfulness in me, but this one is so much more vivid. It's like sitting in a dimly-lit, dank 10x10 room, and then someone pulls up the shades and opens a window. Just driving to the store I felt like it was so much sunnier and the sky clearer. Okay, FINE, it actually was sunnier and clearer thanks to the weather, but I am pretty sure my outlook helped, too.

I'm now closer to kisses and hugs and holding hands with my husband again. Closer to seeing his cute face, and cuddling into him when I go to sleep. Closer to hearing his voice everyday and having him tell me how he feels rather than reading it through email.

And I'm just gonna be honest here......I am also closer to having someone take over bath time duties (he does this on his own when he is home), having someone share the cooking, the laundry folding, and the mopping. And someone who rakes, mows, weeds and shovels entirely on his own. Oh, that's nice.


On a *slightly* different note, I heard the kids having an intense conversation about 'when they grow up' this afternoon and I thought I'd share:

Tyler: Kaiti, you know I am going to be a scientist so you have to pick something different. I gotta have my own time.
Kaiti: Okay.
Tyler: I just need to make dinosaurs come back alive and then when I am done, I think I am going to play some football or maybe just skate board. I haven't picked.
Kaiti: I think I'm just gonna be a Japanese childrens author when I grow up. I'm gonna have some 2 childrens and one will look like me and one will look like my hus-man.
Tyler: Wait. I don't think you can do that Kaiti.
Kaiti: Yes, I can. Mommmmmmm......Tyler's telling me I can't be a Japanese childrens author and have 2 childrensssssssssss.
Tyler: She can't though Mom, right? Cause we're already born in America.
Kaiti: Don't tell me what I can't do TYLER!!! I'm not listening to you. (she put her fingers in her ears and made her best I-don't-give-a-hoot-what-you-have-to-say face with her lips firmly pressed in a line)
Me: Tyler, just move on, bud. She's not budging.
Tyler: It doesn't even make sense. But fine. Kaiti. Whose your husband gonna be?
Kaiti: I'm not telling, but I have to wait for him to move back here from New Braska. Or maybe I'll just wait and pick a different guy. Who can juggle and who can have no hair, and maybe likes to eat just peanut butter sandwiches. You know, like daddy. But he has to sing good. And know how to read books.
.....that's right baby girl! reach for the stars and only expect the best from your future (55 years from now) hus-man!

-- and that is my oldest 2 in a nutshell, friends!

Happy Halfway day to you!

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