Sunday, January 31, 2010


I hope this baby is born healthy and free of complications, and enters this world and is placed into my waiting arms as quickly as possible.

I hope that the issues that visited us while I carried Jack are not brought to us again. And even if they are, I hope that this baby thrives in spite of them, just as Jack has done.

I hope this time my children will not have to wait a week to meet their new sibling. I hope that we will get to take in this new little life as a family, together, each one of us touching, loving, and cradling this sweet baby into our lives, and near to our hearts.

I hope that the timing of this child's entry into the world is more his or hers than it is my OB teams. 

I hope, oh how I hope, that I forever remember the delicate feeling of little kicks and squirms and wiggles inside my body. I hope that I remember the feeling of being so incredibly attached to this child before I know his or her face, know his or her heart. I hope that my mind bottles up each one of these special pregnancy joys, so I can always know the wonder and love that filled these times of my life. 

I hope that this c-section is event free, and my recovery is swift. 

And if I am being greedy, I hope that God grants me the energy and the stamina to keep u with my brood and give my best to each of my children. 

And if I were to be really, really greedy, I hope that this child latches and nurses, gains nourishment from me, without the aid of a pump. Oh, that would be great!

Hope. Hope. Hope. 

Hope is such a beautiful thing, really. Because in our hearts we know that things do go in different directions, directions that lead to paths we wished not to walk. Somehow, though, that does not spoil our hope, it does not lessen the faith we have that things will lead us to where our heart desires. 

Hope is wonderful. 

Hope is amazing.

Hope really is beautiful.

And, come to think of it, it also would make a lovely baby name. 

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