Thursday, January 7, 2010

need him like I need chocolate

Ever get so busy and caught up in the day to day of things and realize that even though you sleep it the same bed, live in the same house, talk and see each other every day, you really miss your husband? Really, really miss your husband?

Well, I do. Especially right now.

It's especially ironic considering we just had a 4-day weekend together, thanks to the new year! I wish we had spent those hours and days cuddling and talking, hanging out and just being together. Instead, we were scrambling around, trying to get stuff picked up, put away, errands done, obligations met, and commitments attended to. It really wasn't all as monotonous as that sounded, but it is easy to overlook simple needs when you are busy with things like that.

And this morning I woke up finding myself really missing him. Like, teary missing him, almost. (Yes, I realize I am pregnant and my hormones may have taken control, but still....) So, in an attempt to rectify that, I called him and asked him what his schedule looked like, and suggested we have lunch together. I actually got really excited thinking about some time together with only one child present.

But he is flying back to back flights today, and he doesn't land until after 6.

So I guess I have to wait until after 6. Boo.

I kinda think feelings like this are similar to pregnancy cravings. From what I have read about pregnancy cravings, most of the time, at the root of a craving is a need that your body wants met. For example, I've heard if you are craving cheese, your body probably needs calcium. If you feel like you need to gulp down a bottle of water, it is probably because your body needs that water. And if you are drooling over a fat, juicy hamburger, your body needs the protein. I believe it, too. Though I am not sure what benefit my body gets from the chocolate cravings, but who am I to question my body, really?

So this feeling of missing my husband must be linked to some emotional or physical - ahem- craving that I need met. Are you with me? Maybe this is my head or heart's way of telling me to slow down and make some time for him. And with as much time as we spend apart, there is no doubt that we need to really covet the time we are together.

So, I might have the flake out on Bunco tomorrow. And I may have to cut my hours back on Saturday and enjoy some husband time. And I might even have to close the laptop tonight and cuddle into my cutie instead. And I might have to find some chocolate, too, since I need it and all.....


Kelley said...

I have absolutely NO idea what you are talking about here. Ha ha, I kid...well, kind of...

Virginia (Jenny) said...

You are TOO cute! Ha ha. I loved reading this post. I just had my sixth baby and I totally, totally relate.


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