Sunday, January 24, 2010

a wild week

To sum it up, my husband worked on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, which was, you know, a national - and federally recognized - holiday. 

Then there was the state exam I took. You need a 75 to pass.....guess what I got. A 74! A SEVENTY-STINKIN-FOUR!! I did not have the study time I had hoped for (see first sentence), but still, I was pretty down about it.

And then on Thursday, Jack had a freaky medical scare. He is all good now, but I was pretty freaked and we rushed him to the ER after his pediatrician asked me if we would like an EMT transport. All is okay- he has an intestinal infection, poor thing, but gave us quite the scare. 

So I am definitely ready to being a new week. But the past 7 days were not totally lost.

it finally warmed up enough to go to the zoo

parker and tyler checking out some elephants...or being star wars character. not sure which.

finley and kaiti wishing away

3 little monkeys laying on the bed

Jack pulled a slice of cheesecake OUT OF THE TRASHCAN
and Jeremiah caught him shoving it into his mouth!!

wonder what she's cookin' up in that pretty little head of hers

and this boy builds. and builds. and BUILDS.

I wonder what the next week will bring.....

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