Tuesday, September 20, 2011

what I REALLY look like. (my sister, too)

I don't have a lot of pictures of me. Mostly because I am the one usually taking the pictures. 

And the pictures I do have, I am covered in children.

Actually, the only current photos I have of myself are the ones I took for my husband using the photo booth thingamajig on my laptop, or the cell phone shots I took of myself in the mirror so I could ask my friends for approval on outfits or to show them a spiffy new article of clothing. They certainly aren't pictures I'd put out there for all to see on the internet....heh heh heh.

Rather than do a solo photo shoot, I commissioned two local artists to render my portrait. And whaddaya know, I just got the finished products back this afternoon!

For those of you I have yet to meet in real life, this is EXACTLY what I look like. EXACTLY.

The one on the left was drawn by Kaiti. I believed she used a colored wax medium. I love that the double wide stroller made into my portrait. Oh, how I wished the ends of my hair did that cute little flip thing.

And the one on the right was done by my sweet Tyler, who primarily used lead. He got my 80s perm and candy corn nose so precise, it's frightening. 

Then there is my sister. We come from good stock, folks. If you don't believe me, just take a gander at her portrait.

My niece Olivia has a talent that far transcends age and experience. (I really mean that.) The accuracy with which she draws....it's astounding. The detail with which Olivia drew Kelley's three thick eyelashes, it blows me away. And the right-sided chin-- that is Kelley's trademark! 

When Kelley isn't wearing her purple toe shoes and hot pink skirt, this is what she looks like. Just like her portrait!
The artist, Olivia, is the adorable little girl on the left.

There you have it. That's me, up above. (and my sister, too.) If you happen across a tired looking woman with crazy tight curls, pushing a double wide, with glasses perched atop her candy corn nose, please.....stop and say hello. And maybe offer me a curl-relaxing treatment. :)

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