Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Plan C...She's (a tiny bit) Crafty!

For a while now, I've been wanting to make a chalk board wall in my kitchen to designate responsibilities for the kids. The start of the school year further necessitated some type of management board because when my kids come through the door, they literally are kicking shoes off and flinging back packs, as if they just conquered Everest and want free of all their imposing gear. It's a mess and we need some mandated organization around here.

I have a pretty frame that I had in mind for the chalk board section, and was thinking a fresh coat of bright paint, mount that sucker to the wall to frame the chalk board paint and I'd be all set. What's more, the project would not cost me a penny because I have everything I need.

But my husband does not like the idea of a chalkboard wall. He sees the potential for a big mess and doesn't think it's a great idea to paint a section of a wall with chalkboard paint when we know we will be moving in the next 6 months.


So I needed a plan B. I thought about it and had all but decided to get a piece of a thin board and spray paint that with my chalk board paint and then mount the board to the back of the frame, and I'd have a little (11x14) portable chalk board with a livened up frame (by way of some fresh, vibrant paint.) That was the plan.

Until I came across this POST (clicky clicky). Enter plan C. And you know why I love plan C more than plan B? Because it gives each child their own space, their own individual board that sets them apart from their siblings. So here they are!

Yes, I even included Evie in this, and let me tell you, she has filled each responsibility every single day.

These boards were super duper simple. I made a quick trip to Michael's for the little chalk boards. Each board was on sale for $2. I purchased a letter for each child, which was $1.49 each. The paint, chalk and paint pen I already had. So out of pocket, this cost about $14. Not too terribly bad.

I painted each board's frame, then painted their little letters and dabbed on some little polka dots with my paint pen. Then I hot glued their first initial letter to a corner of each board. I wrote with paint pen on the boards the tasks that will not change. Now, when they get home from school, they take care of their "responsibilities" and proudly return to check off the box. I add different things every day, too. And on the bottom, I write if someone has something coming up or if there is something that needs remembering....like fall dance permission slips or baseball practice that night. 

When the paint dried, I stuck those little velcro tabs to the backs, and mounted them to the wall. The nice thing about that is no nails (yay for less holes to fill later!) and I can easily pull them down from the wall and put them back up!

Oh, I took a cue from Katy, the lovely innovator behind no big dill, and drew pictures (or attempted to draw pictures) of things that are expected from Jack. In case you cannot decipher the amazing pictorials scrawled across Jack's board, his tasks include:
-washing his hands (yes, that is a sink)
-putting his shoes in his closet (a croc would have been more explanatory)
-putting toys away (blocks, balls, and cars go in the basket, son!)
-be happy and listen (as I told my friend Dabni, we outlaw all emotions other than happiness up in here, so get your smile out, because we don't have time for sadness, anticipation, or frustration. sorry. smile smile :))

Since these boards are right next to the fridge, they get seen A LOT :) The space is not done just yet. I got a little bulletin board strip that I want to run down the center, I just want to mod podge some cute little scrapbook paper to it first. And there is some pretty washi tape I've had my eye on that I might use to frame the space with. Not sure on that one yet.

That's all for now folks! Enjoy your Tuesday!

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