Thursday, September 15, 2011


There is nothing like the smell of freshly cut

fabric in the morning! 

Okay, it may not have a smell that you can actually smell, but, it does pack the punch of a Grande Caramel Light Frappuccino. And here comes the Starbuck tangent....My GCLF makes me so happy! It breathes some energy into me, it jumps start my day, it is just so pretty and slightly foamy and just, just...WONDERFUL! The same kind of get-me-going wonderful that this fabric is! (um, why is frappuccino underlined in red? it is fine the way it is spell-check. how has Mr. Webster not approved that one yet?? get with it, dude! it's 2011!) 

I'm having a tough time choosing which fabrics are my favorite.

I REALLY love this one. It is just all kinds of lovely.

And then this one had the adorable whimsy going on.

The blues and greens of this one.....LOVE!

And the varied warm tones in this floral print, yay!!

And then there's the purples. I must be on a purple kick because when I was shopping on Etsy, I realized 90% of the fabrics in my cart were a shade of purple. I went back and adjusted, but I could not let go of these two.

Sorry about the dark photos! My dining room design studio does not get a lot of morning light.  I cannot wait to get going with these fabrics. I JUST inherited a beautiful Pfaff sewing machine from a very sweet- and also very creatively gifted- friend. She created my first handmade diaper bag that I loved, and shortly after, made me a beach bag and some smaller pouches that have been used and used and lent out and used and- well, you get it. She isn't sewing as much as she used to because she also has 4 little people....among them 2-year-old twins and an almost 1-year-old little guy. She also recently upgraded to a neato machine (the kind of machine that comes with special overhead lighting so that when you approach it, it's lit up like a treasure in a desert and you hear that 'oooaaaaawwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhh' kind of reverent gasp echoing in your head.) She generously parted with her Pfaff on a night when I texted her that I was about to chuck my current sewing machine out the window. I cannot wait to sew with this beauty. 

For the astute observers, I'd just like to explain that I do not do shots of liquor while I sew. (not yet anyway) I use the shot glass to trace little  circles for the fabric flower headbands I make for my girls.
Seriously, cannot wait to sew! It just needs a wee bit of fine tuning, and then I'm off. What I lack for in sewing skill, ability, knowledge and anything else important to sewing, I make up for in enthusiasm. Well, not really. I'm not sure I can really make up for lack of ability, but it's a nice thought, isn't it? I get excited when my lines are straight. But thankfully my little models are not that particular. They are usually just happy to eat goldfish in a seat that desperately needs a hose down.

.....also, I wanted you to know I wrote a post a couple days ago, but for your sake, I deleted it. Just so you don't feel like you missed out on something wonderful {you're welcome}, it was titled "How My Rotary Cutter Changed My Life" and was basically just an ode to my rotary cutter. The level of praise I directed towards my rotary cutter was slightly he (my rotary cutter) would read what I wrote and be so thrilled that I was bragging on him, he'd just start busting out new tricks, like magically winding my bobbin or operating in auto mode and cutting fabric while I wipe down baby seats. 

Also, it was a comically sad how excited I was to cut straight lines. I realize- after reading it- that most people can do that with plain ol' scissors. So I trashed the post. I figured I'd save the crazy side of me for a really special occasion. You know, like Columbus Day. Which is coming up, by the way........

Speaking of Columbus**, I just noticed that while I've been typing, my 2-year-old has disrobed completely and is playing his brother's DS in the buff on the fireplace while drinking from my bobble
Which basically's time to go :)

Happy Thursday Y'all!! 

**I'm really amused with myself that I linked to Columbus, just in case you're not aware of this guy. I'm here to help. 

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