Sunday, February 7, 2010

these are a few of my favorite things.... favorite ETSY things. Just in case you were wondering. And even if you weren' should check these places out. Most of them I have purchased from, and the ones I have yet to purchase from-- let's just say it's only a matter of time. Because, see, I have to spread out my etsy purchases, to keep my husband's blood pressure in the healthy range. He's so dramatic when it comes to my etsy habit!

*Bear in mind, these lovely sellers are not aware I am typing this, and am sharing these shops simply as one person passing on some great finds. 

Faves from the baby category:

The Vintage Clothespin  ....I am in the process of ordering a diaper bag from this wonderfully talented mother of twins!! I scoured Etsy for days and days, and found this shop, and in my humble opinion, her style and quality is unmatched. Plus, I showed the link to another bag designer friend, and she agreed, and loved the Vintage Clothespin, too! So there you have it!

Polka Dot Kitty Co.   ....I have purchased a couple sets of embroidered, personalized bib/burp cloth/onesies from the shop, and everywhere we went, Jack and his accessories got rave reviews!

Love, September    ....I bought a sling for Jack from here, and he lived in it for the first couple months of his life-- especially when Jeremiah was deployed. She's got some great patterns!!

noodles & milk  .....Bought things for Jack from here, and again, I loved everything! And this seller was lovely to work with, which is another plus in my book!

4 Sweet Cheeks  ....I have a hooded towel in my etsy cart as I type this very post. Love this shop!!! I came across this gem by way of Mandy .....and boy am I glad she shared!!

Faves from the childrens category:

Briar Claire ....Just go check out the hats, and you'll see. Kaiti has a few and she looks adorable in them-- the headbands, too!!

My Personalized T-shirt ...Adorable AND affordable shirts for your children. My kids think their name shirts are the coolest!

Lil Miss Muffin .....Oh, just click on the link, and you'll see.

Bits n' Pieces, etc....The crayon wallets are both genius and stylish....and finally, something for the boys!!!

baby pop .... I have not purchased from them, but I hear through trusted friends that the woman behind this store is fabulous. Tyler has been asking me to make a magic cape for months, and if I end up not taking it on, this store offers me a plan B!

Groovy Gurlz .....The A-line dresses are too precious for words, as are the purses that are perfect for a little girl!!

Faves from the ME!!!/gifts category:

The Pig And The Peacock ....The body polish and body butters are DELICIOUS!!!!
Love of Jewelry.....The bracelets in this shop are beautifully done and unlike the majority of beaded jewelry. She mixes chunky with delicate and the result is lovely!

Jewelry by Abby .... Another beautiful jewelry store and this one has lovely gold pieces!!

Integrity Studio .....Beautiful photography and in a range of sizes. I love this one!

Amy Giacomelli.... She paints nature so beautifully, I get lost in her paintings.

....So.....that wraps up my current favorites! I'd just to love hear which etsy shops y'all count as favorites. Share with me-- don't keep the goodness to yourself!!

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