Sunday, January 31, 2010


I hope this baby is born healthy and free of complications, and enters this world and is placed into my waiting arms as quickly as possible.

I hope that the issues that visited us while I carried Jack are not brought to us again. And even if they are, I hope that this baby thrives in spite of them, just as Jack has done.

I hope this time my children will not have to wait a week to meet their new sibling. I hope that we will get to take in this new little life as a family, together, each one of us touching, loving, and cradling this sweet baby into our lives, and near to our hearts.

I hope that the timing of this child's entry into the world is more his or hers than it is my OB teams. 

I hope, oh how I hope, that I forever remember the delicate feeling of little kicks and squirms and wiggles inside my body. I hope that I remember the feeling of being so incredibly attached to this child before I know his or her face, know his or her heart. I hope that my mind bottles up each one of these special pregnancy joys, so I can always know the wonder and love that filled these times of my life. 

I hope that this c-section is event free, and my recovery is swift. 

And if I am being greedy, I hope that God grants me the energy and the stamina to keep u with my brood and give my best to each of my children. 

And if I were to be really, really greedy, I hope that this child latches and nurses, gains nourishment from me, without the aid of a pump. Oh, that would be great!

Hope. Hope. Hope. 

Hope is such a beautiful thing, really. Because in our hearts we know that things do go in different directions, directions that lead to paths we wished not to walk. Somehow, though, that does not spoil our hope, it does not lessen the faith we have that things will lead us to where our heart desires. 

Hope is wonderful. 

Hope is amazing.

Hope really is beautiful.

And, come to think of it, it also would make a lovely baby name. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My name is Shannon, and I'm in Group One

Let me preface this with saying, unless you are bored, you probably don't want to read this bad boy. But that's the beauty of blogs. They give the writer a place to put onto paper (or onto computer screen) the thoughts that are bubbling up in their heads. So here I go.

You know what drives me bonkers? You don't? Okay, I'll tell you. What drives me bonkers is when you are merging onto a road and the car behind you, rather than wait their turn and merge in BEHIND you, guns it, and shoots out and goes around you, forcing you to hit your brakes and wait for them to completely clear you, so you can then merge in behind them. Oh, that ticks me off.

It's like, are they in such a hurry that one car length is really going to make or break them? Mind you, I am not a slow driver. (If my sister or husband are reading this, I know their thought bubble reads 'yeah, you think?') So, why the need to cut around me? Can't they just fall in behind? You know those drivers were the same kids in 2nd grade who constantly cut in line without so much as giving it a backwards glance. You know the ones. I am going to venture that no one called them out in 2nd grade, thus, the cutting continues. Oh, the audacity !

And since you brought it up (hehe), it chaps my hide when people know something and refuse to act accordingly. On my way home from picking Kaiti up from school, there is a road I have to turn left on, to enter the highway. There are 2 left-turn lanes. Once you turn, the right lane has to IMMEDIATELY merge with the left lane. IMMEDIATELY. So there is really no sense in the right lane's existence.

People who travel this route know this. They know it well. And the majority of people only line up in the left lane. These people are like me. The knowers, the ones that follow the unspoken rule. But then there are the people who get in the right lane, KNOWING it has to merge immediately. And trust me, they know.  I can see it in the narrowing of their eyes before the light turns green, in the way they ferociously grip the steering wheel, prepared to battle it out around the turn. I know they know.

And if their pre-green light behavior was not enough to give them away, the way they burn rubber and put the full weight of their body on their gas pedal once the light turns green says it all. And let me tell you, there are plenty of times I have seen near accidents because the merge of the two lanes into one, around a curve, no less, is so sudden, so quick, that it causes people to slam on brakes or hug the edge of the road to avoid a collision. Again, pretty poor road planing, if you ask me.

On several occasions, my somewhat-deviated sense of enforcing right and wrong has almost caused me to get in the right lane so I could creep around the turn at 2 mph once the light turns green, to teach all the people behind me a little lesson about proper lane merging. I've never actually done it,but I kinda enjoy thinking about when I am at that red light. Oops. Maybe I shouldn't have shared that part.

Okay, so the purpose of this was not to illustrate my crazy. I know, too late.

The thing is, I tend to place people into 3 groups. Group One: the stringent rule followers, ardently falling in accordingly. Group Two: the placid rule knowers, but could care less-ers, very blase about Group One's passion, or Group Three's disregard. And Group Three: The rule-disregarders- the people who are well aware but could care less and only apply rules as they see fit.

I know, this is pretty weighty for a simple merging of lanes. That's me. I take the simple and make it complex. I take a teenie piece of behavior and apply it to the grand scale of human existence.

Well, not really. At least not all the time. This little diatribe is one part thought, one part humor, and one part me having too much time to think on my drive home.

In case you didn't guess already, I tend to fall in Group One. The annoying group that thinks if we all just fell in and did right, life would be easier, simpler, and free of chaos.

And today I found out, I passed that Group One gene onto my eldest son. It was very eye-opening.

I went to have lunch with my kindergartner today at school, and I was having such a great time with him. Even though I had Jack with me, it was nice to be with Tyler, amongst his friends and hear the conversations. I've done this before, and I always walk away with a smile, a little more knowledgeable about the type of person my son is. (I know my son, but when children are around people in different environments, they can be slightly different than the person they are at home.)

So today, after some meaningful discussions about 'smell' of meatloaf, a lecture about what constitutes a quiet voice (it was me receiving the lecture), and a brainstorming of possible names for #4 (one little girl suggested Ocean, and I kinda like it- don't worry- my husband will veto it before I get to the second syllable), it was time to walk back to the classroom. They call the walk 'lips and hips'. One hand on the hip-- it's pretty sassy, actually- and one finger on the lips-- reminding them to button it. Or zip it, whatever floats your boat.

As we were walking, lips-and-hip-style, this one little girl was talking to me. She was asking me to take her to the library, asking me if I had seen Ghostbusters, and if so, was I scared. She kept talking up a storm, when my son, who was directly behind her, tapped her on the shoulder. As the poor chatty girl turned around, Tyler took the finger that was on his lips and very forcefully looked at her with a seriousness that rivaled, I don't know, someone REALLY serious, and jabbed his pointer finger against his lips two times. He was telling her to shut it.

(since tyler is still at school, I let his little sister give a demo)

I didn't correct him or tell him that he should leave the supervising to the teachers, because, like I said, I am a rule follower, and I had one finger on my lips. (The other was not on my hip, as much as I would have liked it to be, because I had to push Jack's stroller.) And anyway, I kinda was thinking the same thing, and the only thing that stopped me from tapping my finger on my lips to remind her to hush it was the fact that I am not her teacher, nor her mother, nor a kindergartner who could get away with such a reminder.

The little girl rolled her eyes at my son. But she shut it. So, as an outsider looking in, I see what our Group One means to those in other Groups. Our reminders may work, but to those in different groups, they are also quite annoying.

Needless to say, I don't think this girl will want Tyler as her BFF. It's probably for the best anyways....Tyler already has one lady in his life who cannot keep her mouth shut. 

Guess who?

Monday, January 25, 2010

NOT ME!! Monday

Time to share all the things we have NOT done this week. Feel free to join in on the fun!

While whipping up 2 separate dinners- one for the kids, and one for me- my sweet 6-year-old son did NOT yell out, ‘Mom, why is Jack eating a stick of butter?’ And upon hearing such a thing, I certainly would NOT have asked Tyler to remove the butter from his little brother’s hands and get a baby wipe to clean up the mess. I would NEVER ask my son to do my job! And while older son was cleaning off younger son, I certainly was NOT thinking in my head, ‘I was wondering where that stick of butter went… least I am NOT losing my mind.’

About a week ago, my husband was getting the kids dressed in the morning to go get some breakfast. As I walked out of my room, I did NOT bust out laughing at the sight of my sweet daughter, wearing her little brother’s khaki pants. My husband handed them to Kaiti, who obligingly put them on. So, my tall, thin size-5 wearing daughter did NOT turn her little brother’s 2T khaki pants into some very interesting Bermuda shorts. But hey, the waist fit her perfectly!

I certainly did NOT do a joyous happy dance when I heard back from my OB that I don’t have (really, I don’t have) gestational diabetes. I had been trying to follow the heart association’s food guide, but was still really worried about getting GD—which would mean no smoothies for the duration of the pregnancy. Oh, the travesty of being pregnant without drinking a nice, thick strawberry-orange-banana smoothie!!

Oh, and let me share with you the letter we received from Tyler’s school. It roughly stated that my son had been tardy for 4 days over the past 45 school days, and if he was late one more time, my husband and I would be forced to attend a meeting instructing us about the effects of tardiness and how the Duval County School Board does not stand for such things. I was so ticked after reading the letter, but I certainly DID NOT draft my own letter up that went something like this..
   ‘Dear School People, I appreciate you taking a concern in my sons attendance and wanting him to receive the most out of his classroom environment- despite the fact you saw fit to move him to another classroom not even 50 days into the school year. I can assure you, we strive to get Tyler to school every morning, but my morning sickness sometimes means we are 5 minutes late. As much as I have explained to the hormones raging through my body that vomit is no excuse for being late, I still find myself hugging the toilet 4 mornings a week. I will discuss it with my hormones again, and I apologize deeply if my son walking in 4 minutes late is such a disruption. I assure you, I am doing my best to conquer the morning sickness, but as my doctor’s have told me, when it comes to pregnancy and sickness, it is really out of my hands. Rest assured, I am told it will go away sometime before this child is born. Thanks again for your concern. Kindly, Shannon N.’

Finally, when the phone rang this morning a little after 4am, after swallowing a lump in my throat as big as Texas (who calls with GOOD news at 4am?) I was NOT incredibly relieved to find out it was only our city’s storm warning system, warning us of a tornado warning in our area. And I was NOT kinda-sorta hoping that the wind would knock out our power so I might have a more ‘valid’ excuse, you know, just in case we did not make it out the door on time. So, I give you my word, I did NOT stick out my bottom lip when I heard Jack calling me from his crib this morning, only to open my eyes and see that, much to chagrin, our lights were on which meant we did not lose power. Bummer.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

a wild week

To sum it up, my husband worked on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, which was, you know, a national - and federally recognized - holiday. 

Then there was the state exam I took. You need a 75 to pass.....guess what I got. A 74! A SEVENTY-STINKIN-FOUR!! I did not have the study time I had hoped for (see first sentence), but still, I was pretty down about it.

And then on Thursday, Jack had a freaky medical scare. He is all good now, but I was pretty freaked and we rushed him to the ER after his pediatrician asked me if we would like an EMT transport. All is okay- he has an intestinal infection, poor thing, but gave us quite the scare. 

So I am definitely ready to being a new week. But the past 7 days were not totally lost.

it finally warmed up enough to go to the zoo

parker and tyler checking out some elephants...or being star wars character. not sure which.

finley and kaiti wishing away

3 little monkeys laying on the bed

Jack pulled a slice of cheesecake OUT OF THE TRASHCAN
and Jeremiah caught him shoving it into his mouth!!

wonder what she's cookin' up in that pretty little head of hers

and this boy builds. and builds. and BUILDS.

I wonder what the next week will bring.....

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

a day in the life of an unseasoned navy wife

I have been a Navy wife for 8+ years. We've been together for nearly 10. Before that I was a Marine Corps brat. You'd think with growing up in it, I'd be more accustomed, more adaptable to the chaos and uncertainty that loving someone in the armed forces often brings. 

I'm not though. I cry when he leaves, even if it's just for a week. I miss him like crazy the entire time he is away. I spray one of his old sweatshirts with his cologne and snuggle with it every night when I try to sleep. I worry, too. Not until I lost my mom did I realize how crippling worry can be. So I am working on that. On finding peace and feeling comfort. 

Anyway, only today did I feel like I'd finally joined the club of seasoned military wives. (Don't get excited for me-- I doubt this will stick.) 

You know those seasoned military wives? Who, instead of pouting and walking around with their arms folded tightly across their chest when told of another impending exit, the seasoned wife helps her husband pack,  makes him his favorite meal before he leaves, and with a heart leaden with pride, she kisses him goodbye and tells him quite confidently that she'll be just fine, he needn't worry. 

Yeah, I'm not one of them. I'd like to be. But in those moments, when he leaves, I tend to mope around and follow his steps like a pathetic little puppy, wanting so badly for him to stay home with us, to be like a 'normal' family, wife, children AND HUSBAND all present and accounted for. I miss him before he even leaves my side.

Today is a new day though. (Or maybe the pregnancy hormones have finally done me in....THAT is a good possibility, too.)

Here is our text exchange that took place this morning. I'll preface it with saying I am sick and tend to get even more random, more lost in thought when I'm under the weather. But really, that's just me. I have a feeling you've figured that out by now :)

Me: Hi honey. When you get out of the navy, I was thinking we could start a horse ranch. In montana. Or kansas. Or a dakota. Or someplace like that. I like horses. And I like ranches. And I like you. What do you think?

Me: We'll have enough kids to put em to work as ranch hands. Maybe on your way home you could stop at the library and get a book on horse ranches so we can learn how to do it.

Me: Also, on your way home, could you stop and get me 4 russett potatoes, heavy cream, and cheddar. Maybe steak if you want that too.

(still) Me: I found a new recipe for potatoes au gratin and they looked delicious. What else goes with potatoes au gratin?

(again) Me: How come you aren't responding? Its rude to leave people hanging, you know. Especially your wife. Your sick wife. Speaking of, I am coughing. Want me? 

Him: Sorry a little busy right now will get you in a minute. I will just say a good possibility of haiti

Me: Oh. OK. Does that mean you can't get me potatoes?

Me: And cream and cheddar. Need those, too.

My husband is a man of few words. Clearly. But that's okay, because I am a woman of many. Clearly. 

*Oh, and as of now, his squadron is not going to Haiti. But I'll pray for his fellow search and rescue crewmen who are going to help, and I'll pray that the people of Haiti feel His comfort and love, today and always. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

this moment is your life

Last night I was feeling pretty ragged. Part of it's pregnancy, and part of it's just the ordinary business of life.

Between running the kids back and forth between 2 different schools, running errands, running to and from work on the days I work outside my home, shuttling Kaiti back and forth between ballet & tap class, my OB appointments and doctors visits for the kids, I feel like a good chunk of time is devoted to going places to get somewhere. And to think t-ball hasn't even begun yet.

I felt wiped out and over-committed. Right now, my is husband home, but soon he will leave again, and it will be a one-woman show- AGAIN.

I let my mind wander and was starting to feel a bit sorry for myself this morning (while driving home after dropping Kaiti off at school), and suddenly, the light went on and I felt like a BIG OLE' WHINER!

For years I dreamed of having kids. Then I met my husband, and it seemed like those dreams might come true- I married a man who loved children as much as I did and viewed being a wonderful parent as one of life's greatest honors.

It didn't work out the first time. But it did the second, and we got Tyler. I remember watching him toddle around the house thinking, someday we will be cheering for a our little boy as he plays sports. I'll be a baseball (or soccer) mama!  I remember the excitement and joy I felt thinking of watching my child cross home plate, of my husband and I cheering for him from the bleachers.

When Kaiti was born, the visions just changed slightly. I pictured dressing my little girl in a leotard and tutu, watching her dance or tumble across the floor, and spin before us, to show us all she had learned.

And then came Jack, and honestly, as he grew and GREW, I thought, God, could this child that we worried about and prayed for truly become this healthy child, that might one day chase his brother and sister, that might one day play sports like his big brother? I remember talking to Him and telling Him how I would give anything just for my baby to be as healthy as he could be, and even if it meant constant doctors office visits, I would never complain, so long as I got to have my son here with me.

I got all of it. All of my dreams have come true. I have 3 loving, beautiful children, and the ideas I had for them as babies have come to fruition. Those things I had thought years ago are happening right before my eyes today!

My dreams really have come true.

The driving and running around can be exhausting, but I need to remind myself about the hopes I had for my children back when they were babies. I need to remember my blessings and instead of viewing these things as chores, I need to see them as what they are-- true gifts!

These moments are fleeting, and time passes before we are ready for it to. Rather than complain or allow myself to feel beaten, I need to remember the beauty and blessing in each moment with my children.

Like they say, I'll have plenty of time to rest later. Right now, I just need to be thankful.

Friday, January 8, 2010

out of the mouths of babes

My kids can get lippy.....and for the life of me, I cannot figure out where they get it from. Oh, but the things they say. Here are a few of the highlights that stand out in my mind.....

Tyler: Mom, how many hours am I at school?

Me:    I think about six. Why?

Tyler: Well, just so you know, I must have been in the bathroom for two hours today.

Me:    Lovely. Thanks for sharing that with me honey.

Tyler: Not because of thaaaaaaat. Because my jeans were to tight so I had to 'just 'em, and I 'justed him from a 1 to a 2, but it took a while, and people kept knockin' on the door, and I kept yelling 'Just a MINUTE! Let me take care-a my business!'

Kaiti:  Right now we have 1, 2, 3 boys (she counted daddy-- I don't have a secret son)

Me:   Yep, that's right.

Kaiti: And we only have 1, 2 girls. 'Cause I don't want to count the cats.

Me:   Yes, in our family, we have 2 girls, not counting cats.

Kaiti: So the baby in your belly is a girl.

Me:   Why do you think that?

Kaiti: Because we have 3 boys and only 2 girls and it's not fair if we don't get another girl, so we can have 3 and 3.

Me:   Well, Kaiti, I told you that God gives us what He thinks is best for our family, and we have to trust God.

Kaiti: But I know that God is good and fair, so we are really gonna get a girl.
-- boy, am I gonna have a hard time explaining that one if it's a boy--

Tyler: [whispering] Why does daddy call Kaiti a princess?

Me:   Because she is his little princess.

Tyler: She doesn't seem like a princess.

Me:    Oh yeah? Why is that?

Tyler: She doesn't do magical things and doesn't act like any of the princesses I heard of.

Me:   Well, not all princesses are the same. Some princesses run around with bare feet, play in the mud, and like to hold bugs. Like Kaiti does.

Tyler: Are you just making all that up? I won't tell her, Mom, but it seems like you are making that up. And if she was a real princess, I think she should flush the toilet.

Kaiti: Mama, lets move to Washington.

Me:   Okay. We can think about that.

Kaiti: Do you think we'll see him?

Me:   Who?

Kaiti: George Washington. You know, the guy on the one dollar.

Me:   No, Kaiti, I don't think we'll see him.

Kaiti: Oh, okay. Well, I still want to go.

Tyler: A package came! A package came, Mama!

Me:    Yea! I wonder what it is?

Tyler: Can we open it now? --already tearing the box open- What is this?

Me:    Yea!!! It's our address stamp that I ordered a month ago.

Tyler: I don't get it. What does it do?

Me:    It stamps our name and address on envelopes so mommy does not have to write it a gajillion times.

Tyler: Okay. But how is that fun for me????

--- and the grand finale ( I apologize if the crassness of this one offends you), from my little lady, no less

Kaiti: Mommy, I think I just tooted.

Me:   You think, or you know?

Kaiti: I am pretty sure I did. Because my bootie made a loud noise and now it's stinky. Really, it is.

Me:   Niiiicce. I hope you said excuse me.

Kaiti: Okay. Excuse me. ---she paused for a bit, then said-------------: Boy, I wish Daddy was home to hear that one.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

need him like I need chocolate

Ever get so busy and caught up in the day to day of things and realize that even though you sleep it the same bed, live in the same house, talk and see each other every day, you really miss your husband? Really, really miss your husband?

Well, I do. Especially right now.

It's especially ironic considering we just had a 4-day weekend together, thanks to the new year! I wish we had spent those hours and days cuddling and talking, hanging out and just being together. Instead, we were scrambling around, trying to get stuff picked up, put away, errands done, obligations met, and commitments attended to. It really wasn't all as monotonous as that sounded, but it is easy to overlook simple needs when you are busy with things like that.

And this morning I woke up finding myself really missing him. Like, teary missing him, almost. (Yes, I realize I am pregnant and my hormones may have taken control, but still....) So, in an attempt to rectify that, I called him and asked him what his schedule looked like, and suggested we have lunch together. I actually got really excited thinking about some time together with only one child present.

But he is flying back to back flights today, and he doesn't land until after 6.

So I guess I have to wait until after 6. Boo.

I kinda think feelings like this are similar to pregnancy cravings. From what I have read about pregnancy cravings, most of the time, at the root of a craving is a need that your body wants met. For example, I've heard if you are craving cheese, your body probably needs calcium. If you feel like you need to gulp down a bottle of water, it is probably because your body needs that water. And if you are drooling over a fat, juicy hamburger, your body needs the protein. I believe it, too. Though I am not sure what benefit my body gets from the chocolate cravings, but who am I to question my body, really?

So this feeling of missing my husband must be linked to some emotional or physical - ahem- craving that I need met. Are you with me? Maybe this is my head or heart's way of telling me to slow down and make some time for him. And with as much time as we spend apart, there is no doubt that we need to really covet the time we are together.

So, I might have the flake out on Bunco tomorrow. And I may have to cut my hours back on Saturday and enjoy some husband time. And I might even have to close the laptop tonight and cuddle into my cutie instead. And I might have to find some chocolate, too, since I need it and all.....

Monday, January 4, 2010

saying goodbye... the hardest thing to do. We said goodbye to the Kopsch family this weekend. Carrie has been such a wonderful friend the past few years and I am really going to miss her. The kids are equally sad. This family that we hung out with all the time when the guys were deployed became like family. We spent Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years together. We celebrated our children's birthdays, homecomings, the 4th of July, the beginning of summer, the end of summer, and anything else we felt was worth celebrating. Jacksonville will not be the same without them. What's more, this comes on the heels of saying goodbye to the Stonekings and the Falcks. The Navy creates this environment where deep bonds are formed, lasting friendships made. But it also pulls those relationships away. So sick of saying goodbye to my friends.

Uh. My husband totally ruined the moment.

I count them daily

I have been watching a lot of 'White Christmas'. 'Tis the the season, definitely. But, Christmas time or not, that movie warms my heart because it is something I grew up watching, something my parents, sister and I loved.

In one scene in that movie, Bing Crosby is sitting at the piano and sings a song. 'When I'm worried, and I can't sleep, I count my blessings instead of sheep. And I fall asleep counting my blessings.' Yes, I know the lyrics are not particularly creative. Maybe that's why I love singing them. Or maybe it is just the recollection of Mr. Crosby's voice. Whatever. I sing that song a lot lately, both out loud and in my head. And I count my blessings not just to fall asleep. I count them on car rides. I count them while putting dishes away. I count them when I am in the shower. I coun-- oh----okay, you get it.

Today, I am counting them here.

My blessings............ the most amazing man in the world that I get to be married to.

These children, with their laughter, wit, and playful personalities, with minds and tongues that are sharp as tacks, that I get the pleasure of loving and growing.

My mom, who I believe is loving me, loving us, so completely from Heaven, and who used her time here on earth to teach us all what true, all encompassing, selfless love is.

My sister- our relationship is special and I have never felt closer to her than I have in the past few years, and she inspires me with the creative ways she parents and finds fun with her kids.

My dad and my mother-in-law, who treat my children like they are the most exceptional people they have ever met and smother them with love (in the most wonderful way).

 My friends, who let me talk and say what I have to say, and withhold judgement and opinions....most of the time :)

Carrie, Billie Jo, and Ellie, who shared a moment in time with me, who lifted me up when things were a struggle, with their words, phone calls, lunch dates, beach dates, and everything in between. Their company, their friendship filled voids when Jeremiah was away from us.

My God, who loves me unconditionally, who believes in me when I have given Him reason to question, and knows me and knows my heart. He who has blessed me tremendously and He who has given me an eternal place in His home.

My hands, which are not particularly skilled at any one thing, but are crafty enough to fashion bows and tutus for my only daughter, tickle my littlest to sleep, and build forts cool enough to make my oldest think I am amazing.

My home. It may not be the biggest, the newest, or outfitted with the greatest appliances, but it is where I have brought all three children home, have welcomed family, and provided a place for game nights, thrown birthday parties, poker nights, and countless playdates with those who are dearest to me. It has protected me from ravaging storms, cooled me from the sweltering summer heat, and kept us safe and comforted me within its walls while my husband was in a land far away.

But , if I am being truly honest, there are other less conventional, less sugary-sweet, blessings I count, too.

Those other job. Not because I feel blessed to be working, to be using my brain, to be earning money in these challenging economic times, but because (again, I am being VERY forthcoming) it is nice to have a 4-hour break from my kiddos once a week. Forgive me. And I am thankful for being pregnant, because for 9 months I am not focused on losing weight, but on growing a child. Again, forgive me. I am thankful for blogger. Because here I can have a voice, share, vent, and just quitely let my thoughts be known and do not have to see the faces of those reading.....cause lets face it, if I were to say some of the things I have written to my mom's group, I am sure quite a few eyebrows would raise ;) I am thankful for whoever it was who decided to throw the sugar in while the water was still boiling when creating sweet tea. That little step has created the most delightful beverage, one that can turn a shabby day bright and sunny. And, finally, I am thankful for the kids that throw tantrums at grocery stores, shopping malls, restaurants, and parks. Because they make me feel like I am not such a terrible mama after all, and remind me that we all are human, and as mama's, we cannot maintain control and order all the time. Again, forgive me.

There you have it. Still love me?

'When you're worried, and you can't sleep, just count your blessings instead of sheep. And you'll fall asleep counting your blessings.'

Gosh, I love that Bing.

Not ME! Monday....a quickie!!

Time for my weekly non-admission. Are you ready? 'Cause I am making this one short and sweet. Short for sure. Sweet....well, you be the judge.

This morning, I promise, I did NOT consider homeschooling the kids, if only to avoid the mad rush out the door and give myself some extra time to sleep in my nice warm bed. What's that you say- that's no reason to homeschool your children! Of course I know that! That's why I said I did 'NOT' consider it......

After piling all the kids in the car, swaddled in layers and layers of our warmest clothing (it was 21 degrees this morning in good ol' SUNNY Florida!!), I did NOT realize I had yet to change out of my pj's. To rectify that quickly, I did NOT put some lipgloss on simply grab a very cute cardigan to put on over my pj top, figuring everyone driving would only see mid-level chest on up. Waist-up I looked aptly groomed and ready to roll....only to discover I desperately needed gas. So, if you happened to be driving down Merrill Road this morning and saw a woman with dazzling lip gloss dressed in a lovely sweater atop flannel, pink plaid pajama pants and fuzzy black slippers, well, you can be sure it was NOT ME!!!

And since I learn from the crazy situations I tend to put myself in, I certainly did NOT come home, hang my sweater up, hang out for 4 hours in my pjs, still showerless, only to grab the same adorable sweater and tube of lip gloss as I headed back out to retrieve my children.



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