Saturday, February 27, 2010

What delicious looks like


and this......

And what has Mr. Delicious been up to as of late, you ask? Well, golly, that is what I am hear to answer! Convenient, right?

Jack William, who is now 16-months old, wearing a size 18-24 months and 2T, wears a 7.5 in shoes, is standing a whopping 32+ inches tall, and is weighing in at a back-bending 30 pounds. This puts him in almost the 90th percentile for weight and the 95th percentile for height, if you care about these types of things, which, I don't.

Bottom line is, this boy is healthy and sturdy as a rock- in case there was any question. And just as important, he is happy. All the time, he is happy. Unless you will not let him down to run and chase things in a store, or are trying to make him go to sleep.

He plays hard, and falls pretty hard, too. To date, he's had  6 goose eggs to his noggin, 3 fat lips, 2 black eyes (one of which can be seen in the photos above), countless bruises, scrapes, & cuts, and a partridge and a pear tree. Was I the only one who was reading that sentence with that rhythm? 

If he catches you trying to enjoy some peace, he is pretty intent on taking care of that. For example, if you are in the bathtub and do not let him in with you, he proceeds to throw just about everything he can find into the bath water.....magazines, pens, tea light candles, cheerios, and juicy juice have all been hurtled at me while in the tub. Oh, and he thinks it is hysterical.

He likes to hide behind things and pop out to scare his family. No idea where he gets that. Thing is, he doesn't say 'Boo!'. He says 'Baa!' Which cracks all of us up......he's the cutest sheep who likes to scare people that ever walked the earth.

He loves to be outside, and running is his favorite!! He likes to try and eat the air, which is pretty darn funny. He looks like a puppy with his tongue hanging out of his mouth. I am pretty sure the park is his idea of Heaven, and he's thrilled to finally be able to climb with his brother and sister. 

He get's giddy with delight if he sees someone with a Hershey's kiss. He loves mac n cheese, any type of potato, steak, meat, and most recently had a bite of Jeremiah's rack of lamb and loved it. That, he did not get from me. 

What he did get from me is his curly hair (poor guy), most of his facial features, his dislike of being told to sleep or chill out, and his cheerful, sunny disposition. What? I'm sunny, darn it!

From his daddy, he got his amazing bluish eyes, some adorable freckles (though, Jeremiah does not think the freckles are so adorable), and a fondness for meat and potatoes.

Jack loves his siblings, but almost more so, he loves his pets. All he wants to do is cuddle them. And climb on them. And give them kisses.

We are also seeing that Jack is quite alpha-male. Despite his being the youngest in the bunch, with his siblings, he like to be dominant. He literally tackles them to the floor, and then sits on them and smiles wide for all to see. 

If he is quiet for more than 30 seconds, I guarantee, he is up to no good. Like eating pennies. Or dog food. Or coloring on walls or tables. Or dumping all of his siblings toy bins on the ground. Or throwing things in the toilet. You know, something like that......and his grin is always a dead giveaway.

He has 6 teeth, but is getting 4 more right now. He says Mama, Dada, Ty Ty, Sisa (his attempt at sister), JaJa (jack), BaBa (bottle-- yes, I know, he should't have it anymore, but if you know anything about me, you know I am not big on guidelines with my babies), ball, I pooo (that one's self explanatory), ba-oon (balloon), uh oh, oh no, and my favorite, BAA!! (boo!!!). 

That's Jack. Oh boy do we love this boy!!!

And here are the brother and sister that love him to bits.....when he is not throwing things in their bath water, or tackling them to the ground.

These two. Gosh, I love these two. 

God has blessed us immensely!! 

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