Sunday, February 7, 2010

5 is big

Yesterday we celebrated Kaiti's 5th birthday with a Pinkalicious Picnic Party. The rain ended just in time for the kids to enjoy time at the playground outside. The grassy picnic lunch I had envisioned did not go as I planned because the ground was still rain-soaked. Muddy messes and pinkaliciousness do NOT go hand in hand. So we ate indoors, and had a lovely time.

one of the food areas

kaiti cakes

the birthday banner that Jack kept tearing down. he's good like that.

kaiti, emma, tyler, audrey, andrew, and jack and laurie in the background

playing with.......mulch?

getting ready to sing

her 1st jar of peanut butter for the day

her 2nd jar!!

painting the picnic baskets

there were definitely some budding artists in the bunch

a couple finished baskets

after painting the baskets, the kids visited the candy bar and filled their baskets with yummy scoops....jelly belly's, gummy peaches, watermelon slices, hershey's kisses, m&ms, pink gumballs, gummy coke bottles, mike & ikes, sweet tarts, pixie sticks, lollipops, and plenty more. sugar and pink....kaiti wouldn't have it any other way.

charles having a heart to heart with jack. maybe he was telling him not to steal marshmallows?

we had a candy bar at the party, and apparently jack fell in love with the marshmallows. later that day, jeremiah thought jack was quiet, and went to find this.

upon seeing his daddy, jack did what any marshmallow-lovin', stubborn child would do-- shove every last marshmallow in their mouth and attempt a 'you're not taking me alive' smile.

Kaiti had a wonderful birthday party. She had a great time with her girlfriends-- and boy friends, too. She made out with an incredible stash.....2 frogs ('live ones!!), a jewelry box kit, a design-your-own bag, princess pieces, a lovely dress, a fluffy pillow, melissa & doug dress up dolls, zhu zhu pets galore, makeup, sparkly lip gloss, art stuff, an adorable tea set, jewelry, books, gift cards, new sparkly shoes, beautiful knit caps,  a couple tinkerbell dolls, a gumball machine and of course, 2 jars of peanut butter!!! Wow!!! Thanks to all who came and helped make Kaiti's day so special..... and thanks so much to the ladies who helped me scramble to get all ready in time!! We've got some pretty amazing friends, if I do say so myself!! 

Happy Birthday baby girl!!!! You are the loveliest thing I ever did see!!!


Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Kaiti!

Shan, you threw a party the ultimate dream party for a 5 year old. Looked so fun with so many cute ideas!


Kelley said...

Happy Birthday My Sweet Little Pixie. I love you more than you will ever know and I hope that this year is the best year you ever had. You bring so much love, joy and happiness to your Aunt Kelley and I miss you tons. Skype me tomorrow so you can tell me all about your birthday weekend.
Love you!


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