Monday, February 8, 2010

Not ME! Monday-- UH OH!!

Guess what day it is?? Monday!!! And that means yet another installation of Not Me!! Monday where I share what could have been, what might have been, what could have become of my week......

For starters, after taking my kids to school and shopping in Target for some desperately needed items, I promise it WASN'T ME who was retrieving a sippy cup from the floor and noticed- GASP!- that I was wearing 2 very different shoes. If this had truly happened, surely,  I would have noticed that my left foot looked very cute in a zebra print flip flop with hot pink stitching, while the right foot was wearing a black flip flop adorned with '2008' and a graduation cap and glitzy sequins! Wow!!! That could have been pretty embarrassing, so I sure am glad that WASN'T ME!!

While cleaning up my husband's haircut with his razor, I can say-well, actually I cannot say because I cannot stop laughing- that it was NOT ME who wasn't paying attention and took the trimmers where they never should have gone with that size blade. So, of course, I WASN'T the one said 'Oh, SHOOT!' and immediately started laughing, after realizing I took a significant chunk of hair off of one side of his head AND made the bottom hair line 1 inch shorter than it was prior to my razor-wielding. I would feel terrible if I had done such a thing, and I certainly would NOT have burst out into a fit of laughter upon seeing my husband's reaction to his lovely new haircut. NOT ME!!

And just this weekend, I was not playing with my kids and thinking it would be fun to jump out and scare them. So it WASN'T me who was crouching down behind the couch just waiting for the little footsteps to come tearing around the corner, trying to suppress my giggles. And as I heard them get very close, it WASN'T ME who jumped out and yelled 'BOO!', and surprised my littlest child so much that he threw the VERY HEAVY walkie talkie he was holding smack dab at my left cheek and eye. So, do you know who is walking around with a slight shiner and tender cheek bone? Well, I'll tell ya- NOT ME!!

**And for the record, the photo above was created through photoshop, and most certainly is NOT MY HUSBAND!!

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A Lil' Story (Bilslands) said...

Great NOT me!! Thanks for the laugh =)


Jessica said...

LOL!!Thanks for the laughs today! This is exactly why I refuse to cut my husbands hair...ever!

Virginia (Jenny) said...

The shoe story had me laughing!!!!! :D


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