Friday, February 19, 2010

Oh, the things they say

My kids have been sharing some interesting thoughts this week. Which isn't that unusual from last week, or the week before that. Some of the things they say make me laugh, some make me cringe, some make me rethink how we teach and parent them, but most of the time, the things they say make me smile.


Me: You are having a baby SISTER!! Are you excited???
Tyler: No, not really.
Me: So, have you thought more about having a sister?
Tyler: Yes.
Me: And what do you think now?
Tyler: Still, not excited. You know what would make me excited? A brother.
--even later--
Me: Tyler, God put a baby girl in my belly, and she is going to need you to be a wonderful big brother.
Tyler: --big sigh-- Well, now we are not winning-- the girls caught up!!
Me: Oh. So you liked it better when there were more boys than girls?
Tyler: Yes. Fine- I will be a little excited, but the NEXT one BETTER be a boy.

--hearing pitter patter of feet storming their way to my bed before the alarm went off on Ash Wednesday--
Kaiti: Mom, wake up! Are you ready for Jesus?
Me: Wha.....
Kaiti: Are you ready to remember JEEEEE-SUS?
Me: Oh. Yes, Kaiti, I am ready to remember what Jesus did for us.
Kaiti: Okay, good, now lets call Daddy and ask him.

Tyler: Mom, I am going to go school today, even though my toes hurt.
Me: Your toes hurt? All ten of them?
Tyler: Yep, all my toes hurt.
Me: That's weird.
Tyler: That's what Daddy said. I really hope you and Jack don't get catch 'it'.
Me: Me, too, buddy.

Kaiti: Mama, I still love you after all dees mumfs.
Me: That's sweet, honey. I still love you, too. And I love your hugs.
Kaiti: And, mama, did you know that water makes us grow healthy and big.
Me: Yep, I knew that.
-- as she pats my belly and stares up at me--
Kaiti: So you must be drinking LOTSA water mama!

Tyler: Would it be funny if when you woke up I put a snake in your bed to surprise you?
Me: No, Tyler, I would not laugh at that.
Tyler: What about a giant bat?
Me: Tyler, it's safe to say that whatever ANIMAL you want to put in my bed to surprise me, I WOULD NOT think it is funny.
Tyler: Okay.  --long pause with a big ol' grin-- What about a big black beetle? It's not an animal, it's an insect.

Me: So, honey, who did you play with at school today ?
Kaiti: Emma, and Alece and Audrey. We play together most.
Me: Anybody else?
Kaiti: Um, mama *Beth* can be kinda naughty...
Me: How is she naughty?
Kaiti: When Miss Pat says, don't scribble, she scribbles. When Miss Pat says don't cut, she gets scissors and cuts. When Miss Pat says, use the orange crayon, she uses a different color!
Me: Well, maybe she does not know her colors very well, yet...
Kaiti: Mom, she is 5. She's gonna have a hard time in candygarden if she doesn't know colors. I been knowing my colors since way back when I was 4, even 3.
Me: Kaiti, you were 4 two weeks ago. It wasn't that long ago. Maybe *Beth* just needs a little time.
Kaiti: Okay, I will tell Miss Pat to give her 2 more weeks. But then we really have to move on mama, cause we gotta get all ready for candygarden.

Tyler: I run fast, like a cheetah.
Me: But sometimes at t-ball, you slow down a bunch after the first lap.
Tyler That's how cheetahs run mama, they do a big fast run, and then they slow down.
Jeremiah: It's true, babe. We just read a book about it.
Tyler: See, so I DO run like a cheetah, mom....but even cheetah's get tired.
Me: Oh, I didn't know that about cheetahs.
Tyler: Well, now you do.

Kaiti: MOM!!! I am waiting for you to come and clean my room.
Me: Well, keep on waiting lady, 'cause I am not cleaning it.
Kaiti: But it's a mess.
Me: Uh, yeah! So clean it.
Kaiti: But it's too much for me, and I am just a little girl....
Me: Just yesterday you told me you aren't little anymore since you are 5 now. So start cleaning....
Kaiti: But you are so much better at it. What if I give you kisses?
Me: No, thanks though. Clean it, Kaiti.
Kaiti: What about chocolate?

Tyler: Mom, I think you are sweeter than Daddy.
Me (beaming): You do? Well, thanks honey!! Why do you think I am sweeter than Daddy.(Staring at Jeremiah with a very proud and self-assured smile)
Tyler: Because when it is you and I do wrong things, I don't get in as much as trouble.
Me: Oh. (smile gone)
Jeremiah (beaming): Interesting....

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