Monday, February 15, 2010

We're having a........


And, she is as healthy as can be without even a hint of any genetic issues!!!!!!!!!!!

Specifically, with regards to her littler big brother, there is no evidence of situs ambiguous- her organs are exactly where they should be. (Enter in a 20 week sigh of relief here.) We are thrilled....and I feel completely and utterly blessed to be staring at photos of my beautiful, HEALTHY, fourth child! And it's a GIRL!! I am so in love with my family and overwhelmed at the goodness that has filled our lives.

I am so in love!!!!!

Can't wait to kiss these baby feet!


Lisa said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! So excited for you! Little girls are the best!!!

Shasta said...

Congratulations Shannon, that is very exciting that you are adding another girl to your family :)


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