Friday, October 2, 2009

First things first

There's a first time for everything! Now, I don't know about you, but I think firsts are so exciting, worthy of celebration. Well, maybe not every first. I certainly did not celebrate my first bad grade. Nor do I cherish the memory of my first car accident. But I remember the first time I kissed my husband so vividly in my head. Oh, and the first time my husband, not even a 'boyfriend' at the time, told me he loved me. What a moment! And not many memories top the first time I felt my first child kick in my belly--absolute bliss? Yep, firsts are pretty amazing. We had some exciting, memory-making firsts this week!

Tyler had his first school dance. No need to go back- you read that correctly. My kindergartner went to his first school dance. And by dance, I mean a bunch of kids aged 5-8 crowded in a gymnasium, in varying stages of sugar-crazed madness from the candy being peddled at a dozen different tables, while Taylor Swift and Hannah Montana screeched loudly from the speakers. It was LOVELY. 

Another first for Tyler- his first NOTE!! I was looking through his backpack on Tuesday and found a folded piece of paper tucked away. I kid you not, this is what it said: 'Tyler, you are cool. I am glad you are one of my best friends. Keep on being cool. Rock on. From Braydon.' Ummmmm......excuse me? Notes? In KINDERGARTEN??? As stunned as I was, I do realize how cute it is that this little boy took time to write my son a note, and was impressed with the words he wrote out (it was clearly written by a 5 year old). Truthfully, I also think it's pretty sweet that someone -other than myself- thinks Tyler is a pretty cool dude. 

On the Kaiti front, a HUGE first! Both Miss Pat and Miss Ashley reported that my sweet girl was singing loud and proud in chapel on Wednesday! She loves to sing, all the time, but up until this week, she never sang in chapel. She might have moved her lips or whispered words here and there, but never sang, and sang loudly at that! She has now mentioned that she might want to sing in the Cherub still my beating heart! My daughter continues to amaze me, and we celebrate each brave step away from shyness, and towards an ever-so-subtle daring boldness. 

Jack's first isn't really one we are celebrating. My littlest son has decided that he is becoming nocturnal. Now, we've tried reasoning with him. We've tried changing his routine up. We've tried letting him cry it out, we've tried rocking him. Still, he remains firm. I hope to report back soon (VERY soon) with some victorious news on our part. 

Our final first is something we are going to attempt tomorrow-- camping!! The Kopschs are celebrating Christopher's 7th birthday with an overnight camp-out at Hanna Park, so we are packing up some gear and heading east-- okay, so it's only 25 miles east, but still!! I know it is has been done many, many times, and I would not think it was even worth mentioning, were it not for the first I mentioned above. I am hoping that the fresh air might actually cure Jack of his nighttime wakefulness. In case that doesn't work, then I hope that the campers near us sleep deeply..... Come what may, we're all excited about our little adventure. And with the 3 kids in a tent, it is SURE to be a first we won't soon forget.

Happy Trails!!

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