Friday, May 13, 2011

{ten years}

Ten years ago today, a super duper cute, sweet-hearted guy with eyes that melt me in a millisecond, *asked me to be his wife.

That blue-eyed, freckle-shouldered, wrangler-wearing, shy-natured, Mike and Ike-eating, rescue-swimming, sweet-hearted, George Strait-listening, home cooking-loving,  awkward-dancing, romance-creating,, former farm-working, hunting, fishing, left-brained, strange tattoo-marked, soft-hearted, laid-back, even-keeled, amazingly-handsome guy asked ME to marry HIM.

For so many reasons, we shouldn’t work.

I’m not shy (except when it comes to romance), I LOVE to dance, I prefer 2Pac to Travis Tritt, I’d never fished, eaten a steak, or touched a gun, I’d never baked a pie or cookies or cake that didn’t come from a package, the closest I ever got to the country was at Cal Poly where I saw my first real-live cow (not from a car), I am not patient, I’m a touch sarcastic, I over-think just about everything, and I’m more of a right-brained kind of girl.

On paper, we don’t make sense.

He’s a big time carnivore, I was a sometime chickenivore.
He could cook and bake with his eyes closed, I knew how to make 2 kinds of pasta.
He likes to create magical moments, I hyperventilate and make stupid jokes because I’m uncomfortable and don’t like the attention.
He keeps it simple and at face-value,  I do not.
He’s a little snobby with his laughter, I laugh easy and often.
He is reasonable and mature, I…..

But in real life.

We are perfect for each other. Those differences are what ultimately connect us because we find a middle.

I still haven’t a clue what this guy sees in me or why he still loves me like he does, but dang, am I happy that he does. He is my world and I can’t believe this is the guy I get to kiss for the rest of my life.

Happy Ten Year Proposal Anniversary Honey!! I love you ridiculous with my whole heart (and my kidneys, liver, and pancreas, too!!!)

*Oh, in case you didn’t get it yet, I said yes. 

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