Thursday, March 4, 2010

a short short

I have a video for you. But first....

As I type this, my littlest son is laying on a new pack of toilet paper.

Well, actually, now he is standing on the toilet paper, trying to jump off, and looking around to make sure he has an audience. And in the time it took to type that sentence, he has since followed his sister into the kitchen and stolen a cookie from her. She is calling him a naughty boy right now, and telling him it's nice not to take things that aren;t yours. I should probably intervene. But then I'd have to get up, and you'd miss me. I'll just let her handle this one-- for your sake.

I bet you were not counting on a live stream tonight, right. Yes, I am talking to you Dad-- the one person who reads my blog. I bet you were not counting on the live streaming post, right Dad?

Oh, and sorry for the picture was taken with my cell phone. Jeremiah took Tyler to his final t-ball practice before opening day on Saturday, and my camera happens to be on the front seat. I was trying to catch a beautiful moonrise the other day, but it didn't work out.

And since I threw in one poor quality picture, here's another. Cause I like things to be in even numbers.

This is my daughter, after pasta. After Cajun pasta. I went a wee bit heavy-handed with the crushed red pepper and cayenne, and her poor lips paid the price. It was a little funny. She, on the other hand, was not amused. In fact, she decided to create her own home remedy which consisted of cold water, a 6-inch-thick layer of vaseline, and a quick downing of fruit snacks. It didn't work though. In case you were wondering. On the plus side, if you were considering having your lips plumped (yes, you Dad) don't bother with the Botox injections....just come on over and I'll fix you some supper!

I am supposed to be studying for the state exam that is scheduled for tomorrow. I studied earlier, but needed a break. Okay, that's not really true. I certainly didn't need a break, I just couldn't stand to read any more about liens and deeds and what conveys the legal title. It's gripping stuff. I really need to pass this time-- getting a 74 (twice) when I need a 75 to pass really messes with your mind.

I might need to change the title of this post to 'I've lost my marbles. Can you help me find them?'

My purpose here was not to lull you off to sleep or to make you question my sanity......too late, right?

My mom used to say that. She was so cute. She had a way of telling a story that seemed to include about 14 minutes of random other thoughts, and about 1 minute of the point she was trying to make. She'd start with something like "So Bob was telling me we have a trip to Japan scheduled-- which reminds me, I went to the doctor, and he said my blood pressure looks great. Isn't that good news? And speaking of good news, did you hear all that negative stuff that's been on the news about Kathy Lee Gifford? Judge not lest ye be judged. I hope I have taught you girls that. Hey, have you talked to your sister today? She was telling me something funny about..." And about 13 minutes later, she'd finally get around to telling you about Japan. And most of the time, it would be something pretty important, something that should have been said immediately. In journalism, we called that burying the lead. In the Pedrick house, we called that 'my mom'. We teased her all the time about much, that around the 13 minute mark, she would ALWAYS say "So, to make a long story short......I know.......too late......."

Gosh, I miss my mom. I think about her stories and the things she unknowingly taught me, all the time. I also think it is funny that my sister inherited her way of telling a story, but somehow, I did not.....

So, what was I saying again?

Oh yeah, cajun chicken pasta. It's good. But go easy on the cayenne, especially if you have littles.

Just kidding. Here is that video.

But real quick, Kaiti just came up to me and asked me if she could have a treat. Apparently the fruit snack home remedy, and the cookie-her-brother-tried-to-steal-from-her-but-she-wrestled-free was not enough.

'Kaitlin, you just had two treats. You don't need another one.'

'But mommy, they were short treats. And I am groooooowwwwiiingggg. And that stuff you made hurt my lips and another treat would feel me better. Pleeeeeaaaassssseeeee. {whimpering now as I look at her somewhat pathetically} The other treats were just too short for me Mommy.'

I said no. She is now huffing in her room, rubbing her belly like she is about to collapse from sugar deficiency.

Here's that video. First, though, you should scroll down and mute the music player.


Lisa said...

Your Dad is not the only one who reads your blog! I read it all the time! Loved this post!!

Sherri Hobbs Jacques said...

Me Too!!!

Sherri Hobbs Jacques said...

By the way - He is so stinking cute!!

Kelley said...

She was the best, most amazing person, and I miss her so much and love reading these stories about her. It made me smile b/c that is exactly how the conversation would go. Ha ha. And I love how she would not want to ever make outgoing calls on her work line b/c she didn'T want to get in trouble so she would call on her cell and say call me back at work in 3 minutes. And we would never get the timing right..after trying it 3 times we would finally get it right. And we would be giggling. Oh her laugh, I miss it, when she would have her toungue between her teeth and laugh like a snake hissing :). Shan, you are better at this, can you tell more stories.


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