Monday, March 22, 2010

NOT ME!!! Monday time.....

You know, I am noticing that the further along I get in my pregnancy, the more fodder I have for the Not ME!! Monday posts. Perhaps it is exhaustion that is causing the lapses in judgment, my newfound acceptance of shortcuts (literal and figurative), and the way too relaxed 'Whatever' attitude. Not really sure why I seem to be walking through constant Not ME!!! moments......whatever the reason, I'm too drained to figure it out :)

After a rough week of commitments and digesting information I was not prepared to take in, we had some pretty sluggish days. I really wanted to step up to the plate and brush myself off.....I REALLY, REALLY wanted to. And, for the most part, I did dust myself off and get set to carry on.....ON FRIDAY. In the meantime, I kept up with household chores and preparing good, healthy meals for my family. So, who is the person who has bags and boxes from Panda Express, Panera, Chic Fil A, Boston's, and Arby's in her trash can? Welllllll, folks, it's NOT ME!!!!

When I went to meet Tyler at his school, I did NOT draw a complete blank when filling out the Teacher's Name column of the visitor log. The sweet office assistant just sat there, waiting for me to finish, looked up at my face and must have seen the beads of sweat upon my brow, when she asked, "And WHO is your son's teacher?" I did NOT stand there for over a minute, desperately searching the deep recesses of my memory for this woman's name that, just the day before, I exchanged emails with. Finally, probably out of sheer pity, the kind woman behind the desk said, "It's okay, we can look it up." I did NOT mumble something ridiculous, in my attempt at humor, 'Well, at least I remembered my son's name, right?".....which was met with a quite concerned look from the woman.

In the past 7 days, I have NOT lost my cell phone twice, one of my shoes, the Snack list for T-ball (the ONE thing that was my responsibility, mind you, and the ONLY copy), my keys, my appointment card for my ultrasound, my glasses, my MLS token, and my anti-frizz hair stuff.....the latter causing, perhaps, the most damage. Hey, at least all children are present and accounted for.

I have NOT grown as big as Lake Superior in the past few weeks, and am definitely NOT feeling like I am carrying around a small village in my belly, despite the fact that the email updates tell me that at 24 weeks, this little girl weighs a little over a pound. And working from home, from my LAPtop, is NOT becoming quite difficult as I see my LAP slowly disappear.

my husband took this.......if it was not so darn sweet, him wanting to get some pictures of my pregnant belly, I probably woulda socked him :)

Finally, after a grueling day, I had an appointment to meet my boss and some other women so the loan officer we refer people to could show us the ropes on the new HUD-1 form. Since I work from home, I had not met some of the other women on our team, including the loan officer we work with. But I had a really good idea of what these women looked like, based on conversations over the phone. So, after arriving at Panera about 2 minutes early (a wonderful accomplishment for me), I did not walk up to a woman seated at a table with a laptop and papers stacked next to her, thrust out my hand, and say 'Hi, you must be Rikki, I'm Shannon. So nice to finally meet you,' as I proceeded to lower my pregnant body in the chair directly across from this woman. She smiled, and I said, 'For the first time, I am more than 10 seconds early, and my boss isn't even here to see it,' and the woman kinda nervously smiled, and just as I was gearing up to ask her is she would like me to order her some sweet tea, she said sweetly, 'My name isn't Rikki, ma'am. I think you have the wrong table.' I did NOT flush a whole new color of red, grab my purse and steno pad, excuse myself and apologize to the woman for interrupting her working dinner. As I was walking away, embarrassed as all get out, and calling myself a big donkey in my head, I did NOT trip over my own two feet, stumble and catch myself on a nice old man who extended his arm to steady me, and drop my pad of paper, cell phone, and the contents of my purse on the floor. I watched helplessly as my lipgloss rolled underneath a couple's table, coins went spilling everywhere, and a tonka truck and some hershey's kisses were scattered in the path. As I was on my knees, trying to retrieve my belongings and just an ounce of dignity, I looked up to see a woman watching me, neatly surrounded with a laptop, papers, and some red folders, that were labeled big and bold with her name- Rikki XXXXX. This woman, who I was meeting for the first time, had seen my whole mess.  Oh boy!

And that about sums up my week!!


Jenilee said...

oh prego moments!!! :) my sister is just pregnant and is already starting to have those moments. she asked me how long that lasts... well, a long time! my baby is almost 4 and I still have those forgetful moments! part of being a mommy I think. :)

Anonymous said...

Girl, you have got a way with words!!! I love reading your blog! I just keep thinking how I'd have been had I been working while I was pregnant......probably like this all the time! You are so funny and are so able to laugh at's very refreshing! I love our Monday night chats with you and all the other ladies.....I wish it could last forever!

Alicia said...

Okay that was Alicia, Sarah's mom from dance!!! HA!


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