Monday, March 22, 2010

a mess o' stuff

Proceed with caution! You have been forewarned. Just getting thoughts and other junk out, in no particular order, to unload really, and make space for new junk. This wasn't intended to be a jumble of thoughts, a sharing of information, some pictures, and a prayer request, but that's what it ended up being. I could try to edit it, transition my thoughts a little better, make sure the babble sounds at least minimally coherent......but I have a baby boy throwing legos at me. I think that's a hint.

So, here's what I'm thinking friends.....

You know those monitors they use on the seabed floor, the things they use to measure seismic activity and such? Like richter scales? I need to get something like that to strap to my belly. I think yall'd* be impressed. This little girl kicks, moves, squirms, rolls and rumbles AROUND THE CLOCK. Man, the readings she'd produce on their seismic monitor. I'm telling you, this baby girl is active as can be. It reminds know when you go to pick out a kitten or a puppy to bring home. My eyes are always drawn to the feisty, fun ones. The ones with spunk. My husband is drawn to the ones that snooze, the ones that curl up, and seem content just to cuddle in a warm lap. Not me, though. So we end up going home with the crazy kitty...and then a few days later, I am staring in disbelief, asking my husband what in the world is up with this rambunctious, never-mellow cat?? Well, I am thinking I am going to be asking him the same thing in a few months, only this time, it'll be about our daughter.

This morning when I woke up, I was greeted with the smell of my husband's shaving stuff, listerine, and a hint of his deodorant. A smell that completely reminds me of him. A smell that makes me so happy. A smell I miss like crazy when he is deployed. I love those smells mixed together. They remind me of him....and I REALLY love him. I wonder what my equivalent sugar scrub maybe, some lotion, and a splash of my romance perfume. No smells of hair products like gel or mousse or hairspray, because most days it's just a a ponytail or a braid or my hair in a clip. Which brings me to the perfectly coifed, sprayed, curled to perfection hair-do's I see on the moms dropping their kids off at school. What time do they wake up? How is every strand of hair dry? Do they shower in the morning, or at night? I am not fact, I am jealous. I go to bed late, and wake with only minimal time to get out the door dressed. If I wanted my hair dry and looking cute, I'd need to wake up at least 30 minutes earlier. No can do. I wonder what their secret it, those women with the perfect 'do?

And that concludes the thought portion of this post.

*If frequency of use in my neck o' the woods is any kind of indicator, than 'yall'd' is 100% legitimate, and it's status as a word is above reproach 


Rather than type everything we found out last week, I'll just share what I sent out to my friends. If anyone has any experience with or knowledge of placenta accreta, please share. The bulk of what I have learned has come from the internet, and some from the team of OBs I see.

Hi friends. We got some news at my OB appt today, and I wanted to share with you as we figure out what to do next. My doctors are pretty sure I have something called placenta increta or placenta accreta. Basically, this occurs as a result of significant scar tissue from multiple c-sections, and causes the placenta to fully embed itself in the uterine muscle wall. Right now, the baby is fine. The risk involves me.  We discussed taking the baby early, up to 2 months early, based on severity, and there is some risk to the baby with that, but still lower than the risk of going to term. The complication arises during delivery, with the placenta being attached, it can cause significant hemorrhaging once it tears away from the wall. I have a level 3 ultrasound and mri scheduled to get more info, and once we know more, they will transfer me out of navy care. They want to put me somewhere that has experienced high risk OBs in a facility that has maternal ICU and a portable blood bank. Right now we just need to wait and see how deep the placenta is in my uterine wall and go from there. they told me there is still a small chance that it is not too deeply embedded which would reduce my risk of bleeding out and having emergency hysterectomy. They spotted this 2 months ago, mentioned it briefly to us, but did not feel certain until my latest ultrasound. Please keep us in your prayers.....I don't want this baby girl coming even a day early, but also understand the risk of what could happen if I contract on my own, and we will do whatever we can to keep her safe. We are a scared but thankful that she seems unaffected thus far. Thanks in advance friends for prayers, as we process this and move forward. *I was sending most of you an email asking for prayers at the same time in my pregnancy with Jack, and God blessed us with a healthy, wonderful baby boy. Trying to remember that while He brings us rain, He also brings us rainbows.
Shannon and Jeremiah


Some pictures, because what's a post without pictures??


Before I go, I'd like to ask anyone reading this to join me in prayer for the Hutka family. I asked a lot of my close friends to pray for them last week as Chris, Beckie's husband, underwent major surgery on his neck/back. They started surgery on Wednesday morning, and soon after getting started, Chris' heart rate bottomed out, causing them to stop everything they were doing to try and stabilize him on the table. From what I gathered from Beckie, it was a very close call, and but for His grace, Chris pulled through the scare. They had to insert a temporary pacemaker to hopefully regulate his heart in case that happened again, before they could retry the surgery. On Thursday, they went in again, this time without incident, and they think they were able to repair much of the damage done when Chris was struck by a car 2 years ago. This sweet, wonderfully kind, incredibly faithful family has been through so much-- SO MUCH-- and could really use our prayers. For complete healing for Chris, to return him to Beckie good as new, and to his 3 children who have weathered this storm, too. Thank you in advance for any prayers you send up for this family. They really are incredible!!

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