Friday, March 5, 2010


The mailman arrived and he brought me some goodies. Oh, I love goodies. I figured you do, too, so I thought I'd share.

So, I have a deep fondness for Etsy. Deep, I tell you. I am amazed at all the goodness you can get. I am equally amazed at the ideas that are shared, and the fact that the majority of shop owners allow you to customize an item. I heart customizing. I heart anything that allows me to put an individual spin on things, that allows me to tailor something to my own needs.

My first exciting arrival.....a purse my husband bought after some pretty serious hints (read: blatant, specific, web-address-included emails).

Here's a picture of my bag-o-delight. Isn't it delightful?? Oh, I just love it. I love it sooo much, in fact, that with Mother's Day approcahing, I've already got my eye on another one of Anny & Me's beautiful bags. You can check out their shop by clicking on their shop name. Can you tell Anny & Me has a new fan in me?

I apologize for the bad lighting. I wanted to take these outside in natural light, but it is really cold outside. I don't like the cold. 

Here is another up close photo of the lovely fabric. The great thing about this bag is that it is not too big, not too small, and the shape is unique and so unsquare. I like not being square. And I have already gotten a TON of compliments on it. I like compliments, too. I really like this shop!!

I've also been shopping for my new little lovely, Little Miss Evie. I have found a bunch of pretty little things for her. Like these.

I got these adorable baby girl shoes at Princess Boutiq. When I opened the package, I literally squealed. They are soft and the epitome of precious. I cannot wait to put these on her sweet baby feet. I got one pair in 0-3 months, and 2 more in 3-6 months. Here's another look.

Oh my goodness, aren't they sweet? And the best part is.....right now Princess Boutiq is offering customers a buy 2, get the 3rd free deal!! Beanies, shoes, flower sets and leg warmers!!! I am not sure how long this is going to last, so check it out now. For less than $30 I got 3 pairs of adorable, handmade knit baby shoes. Oh, that just pleases me so!

And then there are these delightful cubes. 

These little sugar scrub cubes are good enough to eat, and the scent is just divine! I got these over at It's From Arizona. The jar came packed full of cubes-- I already used a few. Trust me, I cannot stop smelling my skin. I am now a convert. I used to spend a small fortune for great sugar scrubs at Sephora and other stores.....until I found these. They left my skin feeling silky soft and smelling heavenly. You just grab a couple and take them in the shower with you.. You HAVE to try these.

I can't wait to try out the next scent. The best part-- these jars are only $6!!! Oh, and the sweet woman behind the shop shipped them right away, so I was scrubbing my skin to silky smoothness in no time. Seriously-- go order!!

I also happened upon Snuggy Baby. This shop sells some super cute slings in great fabrics. I snatched one up!

I cannot wait to cradle this sweet baby girl to my chest. You have no idea!!

I love the adjustable ring, and the pleated shoulder. Fashionable, and practical!!! I tried it on and loved it. And to up the cuteness factor EVEN MORE, Snuggy Baby sells matching little girl slings for your little one to cradle her dolls near!

This one is Kaiti's!! She immediately put her baby doll in it, and wore it around all day-- even to her brother's t-ball practice. 

We love our mommy-daughter slings!!!

And not to leave Tyler out on all the Etsy fun......I got both big kids coloring wallets from Dolka Pots!! I only took a picture of Kaiti's because I am not sure where Tyler left his. And they have already gotten a ton of use.

These coloring wallets just the right size, so I can carry them in my purse without taking up much space. They love being able to have their own stash of paper and crayons with them where ever we go. In fact, Tyler told me he can't wait for my next OB appointment, so he could use his coloring wallet!! 

Based on their reactions, you think I'd gone and picked some moon rocks for them. husband and I kinda giggled as they were profusely thankful at Panera tonight. Go check out Dolka Pots.....she's got lots of cute fabric!!

For all 3 of my little ones, I got these.

one for Jack

one for Kaiti

and one for Tyler

I got these reusable snack pouches at Cotton Top Quilts. I was sick of using ziploc bags for snacks only to throw them away, and replace them again and again. Aside from feeling like I was not being kind to the planet, I wasn't thrilled with constantly throwing away money, either. This wonderful shop solved my problem. The top is velcro, so the kids can open and seal them easily, and the pouch is pretty roomy. Perfect for a quick breakfast on the go (yes, I am guilty of that-- but honestly, I have kids who really enjoy eating dry cheerios), a snack to take to dance or t-ball, or just something to keep around in my purse in case hunger strikes. And with my 3, hunger ALWAYS strikes. The best part is, the kids don't see these pouches as a useful thing, they just see their cool, individual pouches to keep food treasures in. I love it when I can mask utility in the form of a true treat!!

That's about it for the past couple weeks. Can you see now why my husband is trying to set up parental blocks on my laptop to remove Etsy from my viewing options? I smell an intervention brewing!! I am sure I will have more to post soon, since I am waiting on a couple more pieces of mail!!

'Til next time......

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Josi said...

I too love Etsy but try to stay away as much as possible because I will purchase way too much. Such cute stuff you've got there. I wanted to throw in this Etsy shop because 1) she is a dear friend of mine and 2) she makes awesome things. I have about a dozen of her bibs and I LOVE them because they are cute as heck AND big enough to actual do some good.


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