Sunday, February 13, 2011

happy heart day

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I was going to share with you some of the ridiculously random, super silly cards the kids and I (and one anonymous friend) made for the guys on my husbands det. 

I will say that there are some 'normal' cards in the bunch.....courtesy of Sarah. Actually, I made one appropriate card at the FRG meeting-- which is where the idea for homemade valentines for the deployed guys originated.

So, my thought process was this: I bet a good portion of guys aren't huge fans of Valentine's Day, and the ones that have significant others probably don't care much about cards, they just want to be with the one they love. So, I figured silly was okay, because a laugh is just a vocal smile, right? (This thought is usually what gets me in trouble.)

As it turns out, my kids get more genetic material from me than I realized. Tyler and Kaiti's cards were just as silly as some of the ones I made.

So, here are some pictures of a few of the cards we made. I am thinking about getting some girls together and doing something similar for Easter.

Kaiti did this one all by herself!
that's all. she just wanted them to know. and apparently, upside down peace on a necklace.

she cut out those hearts all by herself for a cutie pei.

that's right, son. enough of this love junk- just bEEt 'dem bad guys!

that is the USS Bainbridge, in case you were wondering.

by my anonymous friend!

that's what their ship looks like, right? 

we ran out of Valentine's Day stickers after the 3rd card. And we had 16 to make.

Bon Jovi is ALWAYS a winner. He's right up there with Confucius.

at second glance, this is definitely missing something. perhaps another portrait of the Bainbridge. darn it.

did you know that Navy guys really dig Bette Midler? No? Well, they do.

okay, so this one is more legit.

it's a valid question

this one was a joint creation. and apparently my son is dropping the L in our last name. and on the left it says 'Come Back Safly'

Tyler's cards had to be a little more manly. 

haha. well, who doesn't want to hear THAT? he get's an A+ for incorporating random stickers.

this one was for my hubby :)

well, I'm not.

Kaiti's card for her daddy

I have no idea, but it is 'I heart the bull'.

again with the hi. it's a fair introduction.

isn't he sweet!

so it started great

but then..... she was worried they would think the sticker was real gold, so she wrote 'this is pretend' in kaiti.

I wasn't sure the smiley face would speak for itself, so just in case, good ol' parentheses.

Just some helpful tips and some touching song lyrics.

again, great way to work in random stickers.

totally manly valentine!

"Hi. Win. from Tyler Nelson."

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